Why Entrepreneurship Is The Way To Wealth

Society has a way of convincing us that wealth arises from those that work hard and get a well paying job in some financial institution on Wall Street. While I do not dispute that you can get really wealthy managing other people's money as a fund manager or if you like to run an investment company like Warren Buffet, you can join in the fray. For the most of us, we just like to do our own thing and enjoy the freedom that exists in creating our own perception of a business.

Entrepreneurship therefore represents a leap into the unknown world and one of the most important means today of creating wealth while still retaining your own freedom. This concept of entrepreneurship is not new and existed many years ago when the founding fathers were still roaming the new world and carried with them this profound sense of adventure. Would you like to experience this kind of intensity and excitement in your life today? This article will highlight three ways to get started.

Firstly, decide if your current field is for you. Some people actually love their field of work but hate their job. If you fall into this category, then spend some time learning all you can about your business and then start brainstorming about possible alternatives related to your current industry. For example, many venture capitalist companies in the valley have amongst them experienced dot com CEOs that add their wealth of experience the deals that they do. Other stories include people who start selling their former company's items and later became large dealer wheelers who are big time traders.

Secondly, figure out how to get into the industry of your dreams. Assuming that you want to change career or profession, getting an MBA may be actually a good bet if you think you are the academic sort. Else, why not get a job in a related industry. For example, stories abound of accountants, lawyers who find jobs in fortune 500 companies and later become the CEOs of such companies.

Thirdly, "chicken hearted entrepreneurship" is a term that Michael Masterson in the Early to Rise Ezine advocates that I agree with. Get a job that will give you enough money to test your business ideas each month and test your market. The internet allows you to test various money making ideas and learn what actually works and can make you money. Focus your off work time on certain segments of your business daily and have unwavering faith.

In conclusion, making money via entrepreneurship is critical to generating wealth on an exponential basis. By all means get a job as that will be part of the process, but remember real wealth is obtained when your get equity in a business rather than remaining as a mere employee. Take action today to reach your wealth dreams!

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One Response to “Why Entrepreneurship Is The Way To Wealth”

  • James Ward says:

    I have to agree that entrpeneurship is definitely a Way to Wealth, but I have to stick up for the “chicken hearted” approach as I have seen one woman I know use the j-o-b to keep her afloat while she lived frugally and spent her spare time building the infrastructure of her business until she launched. A few years later, she sold her own business for $4.5 million. Now she is looking to do something newer and bigger. I also think that there are many that cannot do this, and should change their definition of wealth to one I created for my book, Wealth Virtues – “The ability to acquire more money than you spend, and to save more money than you owe. Many can become millionaires; it just may take a bit more time. Nice article!


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