Email Marketing: How to Make Money on Demand With Email Marketing

Email marketing involves collecting the email address of your website visitors in order to be able to send them any message you want via email. The first step involved in email marketing is, of course, to entice people to sign up to your newsletter.

Many successful marketers achieve this by offering a free ebook or other incentive in exchange for the visitor’s email address. The visitor then needs to confirm their subscription by clicking a link in their email. You can encourage more confirmations by promising another free gift once they confirm their subscription.

To successfully run an email marketing campaign, you must use a form of autoresponder software. This software is vital as it is developed to comply with spam rules, ensure maximum deliverability, and come with many tools, including a helpful interface for creating, managing and using your email lists. Aweber and GetResponse are two of the most popular and recommended email marketing platforms.

It is possible to have more than one email list and this is mandatory if you are involved in more than one niche. You definitely do not want to be mixing your dog training list subscribers with your pregnant women list!

The idea of email marketing is to build rapport and a good relationship with your subscribers. Over time, your subscribers will grow to like and trust you if you can provide then with relevant and helpful content for free via your email marketing campaign.

Here are some proven tips for building and maintaining these relationships:

Broadcast Regularly.

Sending your subscribers regular emails, such as once or twice per week, is the only way you will stay at the forefront of their mind. If you don’t broadcast regularly, then they will forget about you and as such, your relationship with them will not be as strong.

Don't Be a Pushy Salesman.

You will find people unsubscribe very quickly if you are constantly promoting and recommending products to them without giving them good content in return.

People do not like to be insulted; and remember, your list members are real people too! If they feel you are taking advantage of them, they will simply choose to stop receiving emails from you.

Give, Give and Give.

The more you give, the more you receive. This couldn't be more true than in the case of email marketing.

If you constantly give great free advice and information to your subscribers, then they are more likely to buy from you when you do promote or recommend something to them.

The idea is to have your list members look forward to your next email. It is also wise to ask questions and encourage interactivity with subscribers.

Promote Cautiously.

When it comes to promoting products to your email marketing list, do it wisely and sparingly.

You should only promote products that you truly believe will help them. If you promote a dud product, then people will lose respect for you. The small monetary gain you made by promoting the product can be lost through a lack of trust in your future recommendations.

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