At present 49 Employment Exchanges are functioning in the State, 18 as District Employment Exchanges, 25 Town Employment Exchanges, one for Physically Handicapped Persons, 4 Divisional level Employment Offices, one Overseas Employment Cell. The main functions of the Employment Department are detailed as below:

i. Registration and placement of job-seekers in gainful employment.

ii. Providing Vocational and Career Guidance to job-seekers who visit Employment Exchanges as well as to students of Schools Colleges and Universities

iii. Publication and dissemination of occupational and career guidance literature.

iv. Enforcement of the Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act 1959.

v. Disbursement of Un-employment Allowance to the educated un-employed registrants.

vi. Occupational Information Unit in Directorate studies and analyses various occupants, collects and compiles occupational information regarding training facilities available in the State.

vii. Collection and compilation of statistics regarding Employment Market Information.

viii. Providing employment assistance and guidance to those persons who are desirous of going abroad for employment, higher education or professional training.

The main objective of this programme is to provide guidance and employment counselling to students of schools/colleges and un-employed youth registered with the Employment Exchanges keeping in view their educational and mental capacities, interests, aptitudes and present employment trends. The Vocational Guidance is free and voluntary and is available to all the registrants and the students of schools colleges and universities. 15 Vocational Guidance Units and four Deputy Directors (Vocational Guidance) are functioning in the State. EMPLOYMENT MARKET INFORMATION
This programme envisages quarterly study of employment situation in the state. The information thus collected is analysed, compiled and submitted to the Director General of Employment & Training, Government of India, Ministry of Labour, New Delhi and State Planning Board for formulating manpower scheme. This programme helps in identifying the changes in the pattern of employment and occupations in the State and extent of shortages and surplus of various types of workers. the programme covers all establishments in Public Sector including Quasi Government establishments and those in Private Sector (Non-Agricultural) which normally employ 10 persons or more. ENFORCEMENT OF COMPULSORY NOTIFICATION OF VACANCIES ACT-1959
With a view to ensuring proper compliance of the provisions of Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act, 1959 and Enforcement Cell was setup in the Directorate of Employment Punjab in July 1974. Its main purpose is to acquaint and guide the employers both in Public and Private Sectors about the provisions and requirements of the said Act to notify all the vacancies to the nearest employment exchange. UNEMPLOYMENT  ALLOWANCE TO EDUCATED UNEMPLOYED PERSONS
The Government is giving top priority to the promotion of self-employment in the State particularly among the educated un-employed youth. In order to have information about the different viable projects in each District, Department of Employment got the Self-employment surveys conducted through an agency NITCON. SPECIAL EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE FOR PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED APPLICANTS
A Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped is functioning at Ludhiana providing employment assistance to these categories of Physically Handicapped job-seekers i.e. the Blind, the Deaf and the Dumb and the Orthopaedically Handicapped persons of the State, according to their residual capacity, mobility and the degree of disability. Recently, the exchange is given the responsibility of verification of records of employers and placement under PWD Act, 1995. CAREER LITERATURE/PUBLICATION
A Career Study Centre was established in 1971 in the Directorate of Employment Punjab on the guidelines supplied by the Directorate General of Employment & Training, New Delhi. The main purpose of centre is to prepare Career literature and publications. OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT SERVICE
The youth, of Punjab Immigrate to other foreign countries with a plenty of goodwill and technical expertise in their field. Basically they are very dedicated and hard working lot. As a matter of fact, it is on record, that they are contributing a great deal in the promotion of the economy of the country, wherever they are settled. In order to help young men and women in finding a right type of job abroad and at the same to provide best of talented applicants to the Foreign Employers. Govt. of Punjab have strengthened the Overseas Employment Cell by creating a very strong computerised data base, therein all types of applicants are available. Foreign Employers can be provided with candidates according to their requirements at the shortest possible notice.


For more information one can contact the department directly. THIS IS ONLY FOR INFORMATION. NO CLAIM IN ANY CHANGE.

B.Sc.(Med.), B.Ed., M.A.(Edu.), M.Litt.(Edu.), Ph.D.(Edu.Psy.)PGDCA. Served as Science Master, Employment Department as Vocational Guidance Officer. Retired from Employment Department, Punjab India as Dy. Director (Off.) Serving now Arihant Computer Center and Many Medical Hospitals such as Sadbhavna Medical & Heart Institute.

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