Small Business Advertising Idea–5 Proven Strategies

If you are looking for a small business advertising idea, use the internet. The majority of potential customers use the web to find products and services in your city or county.

Word of mouth and paper advertisements are becoming less relevant by the day. Here are some tactics to get your product or service out to the internet community. These are merely starting points. Utilize search engines and your imagination to brainstorm more strategies.

1. Start a blog. There are some excellent free sites like to market your small business. Use the same relevant keywords in the URL, title, and scattered through the text so that the search engines can determine what your blog is about.

2. Communicate with your local Chamber of Commerce. You can visit their website, call them, and email pertinent information about the products or services you sell. Give very specific information about what it is that you offer.

3. Use search engines to find organizations that are relevant to your business in your city or area. Get in contact with these people and offer something free or a discount for a first time customer. Remember to test out the things that are working. Ask new customers where they heard about your small business. You could also offer different promotions to different organizations and observe what is returned to you.

4. Search out other community organizations. Nearly every group has a website these days. Use your imagination to expand your advertising. As a start, you could look for: Little League sponsorship, veteran organizations, churches, and lodges. Use the above tactic of give and get. Offer something extra to them in exchange for marketing your small business.

5. Set up an email campaign. Collect emails from willing customers. You could suggest that they email 10 of their friends who may benefit from your small business. Send out a newsletter containing useful tips, strategies, or advice pertaining to your company. This will show that you are a subject matter expert in your field and customers may send this information to more people.

The key to all of these strategies is networking. The most successful small business advertising idea is to offer useful information and not make a sales pitch. Consumers are looking for helpful information and products. They must get the feeling that anything you claim is truthful. If you offer this, your reputation will begin to grow rapidly.

Again my name is Jared Broker. I am an internet marketer who enjoys giving people a small business marketing idea. If this article helped, visit my blog at:

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