Which Type of Online Marketer are You

There are so many different ways to make Money on the Internet, yet there really are only two types of online marketers. There are marketers that are very good, and there are marketers who are very bad.

In this article we will talk about the two types of online marketers and you can decide which one describes you.

A good online marketer promotes their products in a professional way. Their website and blog look professional.

They contain only relevant content and are laid out in an easy to navigate manner. A good online marketer is a professional because they offer a contact us page, and are accessible to their visitors.

A bad online marketer may not even promote their product at all. Their website and blog looks cluttered and contains content that does not relate to each other.

There is no easy way to get around their site other than to scroll helplessly looking for what you want. Many times these types of people could even be scam artists and do not want to be contacted at all.

A good online marketer is professional in their approach to marketing. They understand that they will need a broad-based approach to marketing and traffic is king on the Internet.

They take the time to understand how to put together a pay per click advertising campaign, article marketing, blogging, classified advertising, forum marketing, and so on.

A bad online marketer never really understands how to market on the Internet. They may still approach things from an off line marketing point of view.

They come home feeling good that they handed out three business cards that day and out of that one person visited their website.

They will not pay for advertising, nor will they learn how to do free or nearly free advertising. Therefore a bad online marketer will never achieve enough traffic to be successful and will ultimately quit their Internet business.

It is safe to say that most Internet marketers today fall into the bad online marketer category. Oftentimes this comes from a lack of effort.

It can also come from a lack of focus and setting meaningful goals. Many times these are people who have full time jobs and are just to worn out at the end of the day.

They will never make the transition from a bad marketer to a good online marketer and set meaningful goals. If they want to become a good online marketer they are going to have to learn this sooner or later.

Ioannis Mitrou is a Dentist Surgeon with his private dental clinic for 15 years. He is married and has a son 7 years old. He lives in Thessaloniki/Greece. To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit Trade4Net Browse our site to find the right home business for you.

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