Fear Of Small Business Video Marketing

In the electronic media age we find ourselves in today small businesses can no longer survive without participating in internet marketing. As a small business owner you know that hiding in your store front and buying yellow page ads, radio spots, or newspaper ads just won't get the customers like it use to at a reasonable cost. You must play a bigger game using the tools that generate large amounts of traffic for the lowest cost. Your best results will require losing your fear of small business video marketing.

No other marketing medium is as popular and productive as video marketing. After all if a picture speaks a thousand words imagine what a video can do. Video marketing provides the best way possible to build relationships, trust, and authority across any distance while positioning you as the perceived expert. How often have you said, if I could just get in front of more customers. Video marketing is that opportunity.

Knowing this all you need to do is kick the fear out of the way. I know it's easier said than done, right? Wrong! No one will care if you stumble over a few words, or have one ear lower than the other, or heaven forbid someone leaves a negative comment. Get over yourself after all it's the content and value that they want most. So these fears are not true fears, but rather excuses for not using the best tool available to you and your business. So give these 3 tips a try…

First, set your intension for the video. By knowing the value you want to convey within your expertise you are rock solid. This is your comfort zone, what you can talk all day about in your sleep, right? Don't worry about the words you use or how you present it so much as letting it come out through you naturally in conversation.
Next, get comfortable. Find a location, chair, inside, outside, in a tree…where ever you feel relaxed, grounded, and focused. This feeling will be shared with the viewer.
Last, imagine the camera is someone you care about, a spouse, best friend, or your kid. This is someone you talk to everyday, they make you laugh, smile and provides a sense of ease.

Being your own worst critic is natural, but don't let it handcuff your business potential. Put these 3 tips in place and see how losing your fear of small business video marketing will change everything. I'm Karl Keller online entrepreneur & coach taking leverage to main-street.

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