What Cause Your Employees Out?

Ever changed jobs? What's your excuse? Salaries are low, there is no possibility of increasing career, moving residences, or other? Many reasons for someone to stop working. One of them big enough to make an employee decides to stop working is the boss. A survey published in Colourful Lives Report by the Future Foundation, said 28 percent of workers decided to stop working and find a new place because they want to find someone who can motivate them with a better way.

More than 1 in 10 people who stopped working because of bad bosses, and even find a very different career. While 1 in 20 people decide to start your own business to avoid bad management.

Indeed, like what the hell according to these employees a good figure and the ideal boss? According to them, 83 percent said they should have the openness, a communicator reliable (82 percent), supportive (81 percent), a good leader (80 percent), and someone who respects the staff as distinct individuals (76 percent). Management or a bad boss has adversely affected the company's business. Because, when working under a bad boss, employees reported a loss of motivation (47 percent), reduced productivity (28 percent), and often ask permission to avoid labor pain (18 percent).

More than three-quarters of these workers (about 77 percent) think that their bosses do not make them feel attracted to exclude new ideas, or give it a chance to express themselves. Appreciate the ability of workers as individuals and embrace their creativity can make a difference in a very good and fruitful in good work.

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