Give Your Missionary a Thank You Gift

When the national economy sneezes, churches catch a cold, and mission ministries get pneumonia. Most local churches can survive a recession, because (a) they can usually cut back expenses; and (b) church donations are "primary" giving, from a donor whos present and on-scene, and frequently deeply associated with that local church. However, giving to some mission ministry is "secondary" giving; it is "over and above" church giving, at least for many donors. Its also indirect and distant-- the donor has no involvement with the mission apart from financial. People will cut their giving to a missionary, or perhaps a hunger ministry, in order to a young child sponsorship agency, well before they cut giving to their church, where they are personally present each week. Consequently, this is the time for those good missionaries arrive at the aid of their budgets. This is the time for them to do something they hate to complete: spend time and energy asking for money. Part of the problem is people who feel a call so deeply within their soul that they leave a booming career in the united states to visit and live in God-knows-where, doing God-knows-what, are not normally profit-oriented people. In fact, they often arent usually good business owners whatsoever - theyre usually more "creative and caring" types than "business and finance" types. They are usually more heart than brain, more cause than commerce. For example, Gary S. took his family to Papua New Guinea to serve like a missionary pilot for several years. As a pilot-mechanic, he operated single and twin-engine planes, flying over rugged and sparsely populated jungle mountains. His passengers were not only missionary workers, but government people, medical staffs, and medical patients. A few of these passengers paid part of the direct costs of the flight, but Gary, like most missionaries, received his monthly financial support from the diverse group of people and churches during the USA. "We didnt benefit from the work of raising support, but we did it anyway and God deliver to our needs during our years in that remote field." Today among Garys passions is helping other missionaries to upgrade their financial support base. He runs a domain that offers a variety of practical handbooks that promote missions fundraising. Some missionaries have learned to search on the internet to keep in contact, but only several have really mastered the abilities of taking action-packed digital photos and inserting them into HTML-powered e-newsletters. The savvy missionaries realize that the important thing to financial success is to trust God like it all depended upon God, and also at the same time frame, work enjoy it all depended on them. In hard economic times, what this means is more frequent communication, with increased stories on what good stuff are caused by the work, and much more open sharing of the hard facts of monetary need. Missionaries arent beggars, and really should not be. Their supporters dont share with a necessity, as much as they give to a vision. Therefore the trick to upgrading missions support is to upgrade the sharing of the vision. This can be done through well-crafted letters, sent in writing or electronically. One picture can have an overabundance vision (and emotion) than 1,000 words. A personal telephone call to a current (or potential) supporter would help keep your connection strong. Whether made with Skype or a prepaid calling card, personal phone calls are inexpensive when compared to price of losing a supporter. One catch using the international calls - the missionaries may need to wake up at midnight to make this work, based on their local time zone. Obviously nothing comes close to the need for an individual visit. The missionaries will say, "we arent scheduled in the future home for years," but what about the alternative? Why not invite your supporters and/or potential supporters (whore already on your subscriber list) in the future and visit you? Choose a month that you may find useful things for visiting volunteers in the future, and get everyone on your list to consider being released and helping. Many of them, obviously, will not be able to get it done, but they is going to be genuinely complimented that you invited them, and itll make sure they are feel more of a part of the mission itself. A few could possibly come - great! Theyre going to have a life-changing experience, particularly if the missionaries allows these to get their hands dirty serving the folks or even the project by any means. And when theyve been there and walked miles in those shoes," theyll be supporters of this missions project forever. Countless short-term workers happen to be impacted by doing this. Several even quit their jobs and guess what - they return to help on the long-term basis. For More Information Regarding missionary trips for youth And also missionary jobs, Please Leave a Message

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