Mission Accomplished! Fundraising For Your Mission Trip

1. Promote, Promote, Promote - Start Spreading the Word As quickly as possible! Talk With Your Pastor - Ask his blessing and help in promoting your mission trip. Question if he would promote and talk about the trip in the pulpit. Put Announcements inside your Church Bulletin - Announce it up front, publicize it from the pulpit, call people, talk to people; request stories of people who have previously gone on the short-term mission trip, do a skit, do whatever you can to get the word out. Put a Sign Up Sheet Within the Lobby of Your Church - Released a nice, attractive, sign-up sheet inside a well-known spot and persuade folks to sign up if they are interested in going. The first thing would be to throw wide the net and gather all who have any interest. Put Together an info Trip Packet - Along with the sign-up sheet, if you possess the capability, put together a mission trip packet that answers as many questions as you can think about. This can provide information just before your data meeting to better inform those interested. Set a Date For an Information Meeting - About 30 days once you have started promoting the trip, come with an information meeting to see those interested and also to answer everyones questions. Some issues to cover would be; finances, food prep, Vacation Bible School prep, trip schedule, meeting agenda for trip planning, and etc. Announce the Procedure for Group Registration - As part of your meeting, let those at the information meeting understand how to jump in. It really works well to create a $25.00 or more non-refundable registration fee for group registration. For some reason, money firms up decisions. Establish the Total Cost - Take into consideration travel, insurance, food, along with other costs. Look at the three following factors in planning your trip that should be decided which will affect your trip cost: Food Costs - Attempt to calculate what food cost is going to be. Consider things like food while traveling and food in your mission trip. Building Materials for Work Projects - Some mission organizations provide building materials as part of their fees, others do not. Make sure to check this out as it may be a huge factor inside your total costs. For many teams, assisting with building is really a main issue with their trip and experience. It also helps those put forth serve as well. Ministry Costs & Plans - Are you going to do ministry outreaches? Take into consideration costs for Bibles, Tracts and Vacation Bible School supplies. 2. Establish Your Group! Set Up Your Meeting Agenda for Group Preparation & Training - You will normally need a the least about 6-8 meetings to permit adequate time for Vacation Bible School and ministry prep. Remember your spiritual prep which is the most significant of all. Set Up Money Due Dates - Set up an agenda for Associates that lets them know when their funds are due for your mission trip. 3. Establish Your Mission Trip Prep. Meetings & Schedule! Here are a few things you may want to look into your mission trip prep meetings: Fund Raising Help and concepts for Team Members - A significant part of creating your mission trip happen is fund-raising. Vacation Bible School Prep - Most mission teams do Vacation Bible Schools on their mission trips. Community Outreach Prep - Also, mission teams do Community Outreaches. You might like to come ready for that too. Testimony Prep - A terrific way to help others is as simple as sharing your testimonies. Meal Prep - In case your trip includes your own food prep, a choice to consider if you dont have a cook, would be to designate a kitchen and meal coordinator to oversee the foodstuff and kitchen. Divide the audience into food teams and allow these to plan the foodstuff (with the oversight of the kitchen and meal coordinator). Some meals can be pre-cooked then prepared on site in case your mission trip isnt too far away. Be sure you have healthy meals as you will be exerting extra energy during your trip. Lodging - Be certain to understand what your lodging accommodations will be like. You obviously want a safe, somewhat healthy environment for your team. Its okay to suffer some, but when you are able to transfer the energy youd expend on suffering into effective ministry then thats ideal. If were called to suffer only then do we should, but if we do not have to do so unnecessarily then thats better. Spiritual Prep - Dont neglect this important area. Without right hearts weve absolutely nothing to offer. Among the wonderful benefits of a mission trip is you have a wonderful platform for discipleship training. The trip can serve a significantly larger purpose than the time youre serving. Attempt to get just as much mileage out of your discipleship training time as possible and think of methods to disciple and employ the audience or individuals upon coming back home. Paperwork Prep - It is good to start early if some dont have Passports. It can take up to a couple months to obtain them so let your team know up from so they can begin them. Passports are actually required (with a few exceptions) for re-entry in to the U.S. Training Prep - Dont forget you will be ministering cross-culturally and you have to ready your team with this. There are many tools for carrying this out on the web. Please consider the resources links below for help in el born area too. Safety Concerns - Its common for folks to become concerned with safety on a mission trip. While sharing the Gospel isnt risk free and we must have the faith to trust God will protect us, we shouldnt be foolish as well and set ourselves into danger as we do not have to. 4. 30 days Just before Trip Departure! Double check your Master Checklist - Make certain youve covered all your bases and nothing is forgotten. Order Bibles and Tracts - If not already done yet, make sure to order Bibles and Tracts for your ministries. Vehicle Insurance - Consider you might need vehicle insurance for your mission trip if you are traveling by land. Daily Devotionals - Throughout the week of your mission trip, its great to have group devotions every morning. Group Tee-Shirts - If you would like, you can design your own tee-shirts for your mission trip. This is very valuable and behave as an excellent keepsake and reminder of Gods operate in each persons life. 5. Final Departure Plans! Paperwork Checklist - Be sure you have of the paperwork and passports in order. Important note: It is recommended that all paperwork remain inside a briefcase or etc. within the having the best choice at all times as folks can certainly lose their paperwork. Review the Master Checklist - To be sure youve remembered everything. For More Information Regarding mission trip Or mission trip bible verses, Please Leave a Comment

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