AnimatedPet – 21st century Pet Industry Trends

Puppy parents are going to do their kids, simply because they handle their very own pet care. Online language resources always improve the quantity and quality is a good start) and education of pet owners armed themselves, and to guide the care of their pets. Become a veterinary tools package, including non-invasive surgery from the human world of technology continue to make human beings to be application to pets, super-class of food, for a specific disease, replacement therapy, such as acupuncture, massage, medical equipment and services of the way, and behavioral therapy. High-end diagnostics, such as nuclear magnetic resonance, is becoming a wider range of applications. Shopping overall focus concentrated in the value of sustainable pet products shopping base to migrate to high-priced pet specialty channel, supermarkets and discount stores have seen decline of their pet products shopping base. Similarly, while the overall brand stores is the consumer packaged goods spectrum is more important than ever, pet food is still resistant to its own brand, customer loyalty, to the outposts of the national brand. A sign of the times advertising, according to the packaging of the fact that publishers David irrigation. Packaged the fact that members of the family, not just a trend "pet parenting" and pets, but as a long-term social change, greater spending on the pet market in the coming years. More than $ 600 million U.S. dollars will probably be used in 2011, which might continue to grow about 5% pet. Similarly, the pet parents inside their own way of life, including their pet, so visit the hot springs, exercise regime more and more day care quality hotel accommodation in urban areas, a common place. As we expected, we see more services, and partners such as Ritz-Carlton Barkley pet hotel and day spa, providing care for your pets while you kick back in luxury centered around pets . We also hope to see beauticians, dog day care, pet hotel, pet insurance companies, lawyers, pet trust, the pet of the funeral parlor to provide services more and more. Therefore, pet owners to copy their bonus, their products and services, and a high degree of acceptance. Examples include veterinary procedures such as chemotherapy, magnetic resonance imaging, human grade pet food contains the superfruit or gluten touted sweet dream pet bed pet supplies; including luxury boarding options, and even pet specific airline services, pet air company. Grouped together the belief that owners survey showed that 90% agree that I think my pet is part of the family, and some agree that nearly 80% view their pets his or her best friend, to spend more time with their pets, and enjoy the purchase of products, to indulge their own pet. Accompanying trend is a human manufacturers to increase market participation and also the fact that of the product packaging, the amount of momentum is expected in the next few years, a trend of strong performance in the 2012 Global Pet Expo. Allows pet parents to set up a pet trust fund to take care of pets when they die. Like a dog with an aging population, the Pet Trust Fund will become more prominent. A greater understanding of how to provide for the pet after you are gone, will lead to an increasing number of seniors keeping companion animals may well not do so. dog crate covers, dog crate pad

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