Cement production line process introduced

Cement production line process introduced Henan Xingbang mill gear network: laboratory in accordance with the grinding of cement quality, grind the cement put into the cement silo by bucket elevator.Cement of multi-library with the machinery down the library method.The elevator into the cement silo, and then by both cement silo with cement packaging, controlled by the computer packaging machine, packing into bags of cement stored in the finished goods warehouse, laboratory sampling cement issued after inspection Factory notice. Sampling by the laboratory analytical testing of raw materials and fuel into the factory.Quality with homogenization, and stored in the raw heap shed.Clay, coal, pyrite powder dried by the rotary drum dryer moisture to the technology ball mill index value by the bucket elevator raised to the corresponding raw material storage library. The calculation of the process recipe, limestone, fluorite, gypsum After two broken into their respective storage library.According to the quality of limestone, clay, anthracite coal, fluorite, pyrite powder.Computer batching system of raw material ingredients of black raw material, raw material ball mill grinding, sampling laboratory once the raw material per hour calcium oxide, ferric oxide and fineness of the percentage of timely adjustments to make the data are consistent with a process recipe requirements. Based on the quality of the grinding raw material situation, grind the raw material after the bucket elevator put into the raw material library.Multi-library with a mechanical inverted Treasury method of homogenization of the raw material into the two raw alicey999 meal homogenizing silo, by upgrading the machine mentioned, the raw material by the two homogenizing silo with, and will be expected to be raised to as Handicap silo, material, the ratio of water added by the pre-in shaft surface water into a ball mill ball control device, the raw material into a ball into a ball plate. Clinker burning out through ball mill the discharge pipe, scales board machine sent to the clinker crusher broken ball into a ball by the shaft kiln distributor of raw materials distributed in different locations of the kiln calcination.Sampled once per hour clinker chemical and physical analysis.By hoist into the clinker storage based on the quality of clinker production and management requirements and building materials market conditions, the laboratory will clinker, gypsum, slag cement ratio of by clinker computer batching system by ball mill the cement mill 425, No. 525 grinding of ordinary portland cement, sampled once per hour to analyze test

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