Clear Ideas for Powering with Magnetic Generator

It’s hard not to have heard about the magnetic generator over the last couple of years. There has been a lot of excitement surrounding this incredible invention. Some people have called it a scam while others have stated that it has totally eradicated their electricity bill. The truth is that there is a lot of misconceptions about the magnetic generator but at the end of the day, it can power your whole house.

Lots of people are quick to call the magnetic generator a scam because as you may or may not know it is impossible to generate electricity using just the power of magnetism alone. However these people who can’t wait to say that it’s impossible haven’t even seen any of the magnetic power generator plans that are available. The one thing that all these generators have in common is that they require a power source such as car battery to start the actual generation process. Depending on the type of magnetic generator you build, it will actually produce five to seven times more electricity than it consumes. This means you can produce enough electricity to power your whole house and go totally off grid if you want!

The internet is full of people making claims about the fantastic and often unbelievable. The idea of creating a device that can power your home seems to be close to that level. As a professional and the best mining machinery manufacturer in China, Hongxing Machinery is always ready to provide the superior jaw crusher and the best sand maker with the best quality and the most competitive price.ball mill:
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The truth is that this is a genii that has made it out of the bottle many years ago. First with Nikolai Tesla creating a number of inventions based on similar technology of using magnets to create power without the need to use a fossil fuel back in the 1800"s. In the mean time the technology has improved and now can be completed by anyone ready to read step by step instructions.

His notes are rather obscure and difficult to follow if you are able to find them at all.

Today if you want blueprints for a magnetic generator then they are available in easy to follow steps. Soon you can be building your first table top model, which will be able to amaze as it powers a light bulb without needing a battery or being plugged into an outlet. From there you can scale up, it will take some work and a little bit of tinkering though the reward can be powering your home for years to come without the need for a power bill.

The trick is in the permanent magnet configuration, it has been found that when you create an array of permanent magnets in just the right configuration then you end up with an excess of energy being produced. Which can then be harnessed as electrical energy or mechanical energy depending upon how you choose to use it.

If you are ready to power your home without needing to pay another power bill then download a copy of the e-book blueprints for a magnetic generator. This site will provide you with all the information you need to build your electricity generator.

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