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In some way, sand maker symbolizes the industrial manufacturing level of a country. After years of research, Henan Hxjq has gradually led the mining machinery market. High-tech content has become the key market competition to win, so low energy consumption products have made brilliant achievements. We will take the lead in the sand production line to implement to energy saving and emission reduction in each product. Quality and environment should be part of the hard work and our company takes the lead in practice energy conservation and emission reduction plan in mining machinery industry. Sand maker equipment is the optimum equipment used for producing sand and stone materials in the sand and stone industry, and it has many advantages such as simple structure, stable operation, high working efficiency, convenient repair and maintenance, changing tertiary crushing into secondary crushing, long service life of the hammer and uniform product granularity. And what is more, this machine adopts special steel with high anti-abrasion features so that it has long service life. The sand maker is the key in the artificial sand making process and the strong backup force of stone and sand materials, Compared with natural sand, the artificial sand can conform to the building-use sand more and has higher incorruptibility and durability. All manufacturing companies hope that their equipment can produce with high efficiency and speed and their equipment will have a good effect and be always in the best state. However, more often than not, because the customers do not know the equipment or do not operate the machine with a proper manner, the equipment cannot work in a good state as we wish. In order to bring the grinding effect of the sand maker into full play, the customers need to fulfill the following three points. classifiers:http://www.hxjqchina.com/product-list_37.html stone crushing plant:http://www.hxjq-crusher.com/64.html First, forbid operating the sand maker without reading the instructions. We should carefully read the instructions and be familiar with the use and maintenance method after the purchase of sand maker. Do not operate the machine by unskilled workers to avoid unnecessary accidents. Second, forbid using unqualified power. Do not use the failed power, do not play extra electrode. Before and after playing the electrode, please pay attention to the operation conditions of electrode. Don’t move the motor or as little as possible move the electrode. Third, forbid operating the sand maker when it has materials in the cavity. Before operation, please check whether there are ores or iron ore in the cavity. Sand maker is not allowed to start with load, or it will cause the electrical tripping and the damage of machine parts. If it has ore, please clear it and then start. In order to satisfy the current demands and the uncertainty of the individual customer’s requirements, sand machinery enterprises continuously absorb different kinds of new technology and modern management technology. In order to achieve high quality, low consumption, clean and flexible production, they focus on comprehensive application in product design, management, sales, use, service and even the whole process of the recovery. The remarkable features of sand maker are based on the requirements of building sand, with strong abrasion resistance. The increasing demands for sand also promote the rapid development of the sand machine. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as cement rotary kiln, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

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