Jaw crusher development of a few big features

Jaw crusher development of a few big features scientific and effective choose crusher Select the crusher date :2011-12-15 from a scientific and effective: Yu Dong With the progress of the times, technological development, all walks of life in the development of innovation and progress.Various commodities diversity is also growing more and more product choices for consumers.The machinery industry is also of the rapid advances and an array of various models of style crusher.How to properly select the crusher, prosperous Heavy Industries to bring you some options to the principles and techniques of the crusher, but also want to drink with everyone to discuss progress. Broken according to the nature of the materials that need to be broken and molding requirements to select the model type. Must first clear the nature of materials, crushing the product requirements. 1. The larger particle ball mill size and moderate hard, the Fly ash block machinery size of the material medium, in general, the jaw crusher. 2. The intensity of the smaller hard materials commonly used to crush, impact, grinding, smash the tool surface is relatively smooth, such as the roll crusher. 3.Powder or paste milling, crushing, and other methods, such as ball mill. 4.The complex composition of the material the use of impact crushing method can also be a variety of crusher mix.In addition, consideration should jaw crusher be given the choice of principles, such as the tightness of the rotor and the bearing part of how well, whether the broken materials material different, convenient and safe dust. Are convenient to disassemble and clean, and bearing at cleaning can pass. Welcome you to the consultation to explore the crusher selected, we will be happy to serve you.Prosperous Heavy original, reproduced, please indicate the source /On one: the impact crusher features a: to improve the life of the tooth plate of jaw crusher maintenance method returns a glance

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