Jaw crusher to keep the high energy saving development

Jaw crusher to keep the high energy saving developmentcrusher and social progress is closely related to Crusher and social progress are closely related to Date :2011 -11-25: Fortunately, wide crusher is a product of social development and progress, because society needs it, so it produces. Ancient times, people are the most primitive way, the stone piece by piece from the hills chisel down, and then little by little, to pick down the mountain, and then a hammer or hard object to crack, this labor and effort, ball mill efficient and low, but at that time been regarded as the best way.The society continued to develop, people gradually feel this approach is too strenuous, wanted to find a more effortless way, so they constantly have to develop new technologies gradually crusher also produced. The initial crushing machinery is created in succession after the progressive improvement and extension of power machinery such as steam engines and electric motors.Appeared in roll crusher of the to use the steam engine drive of the; in 1806 In In in 1858, Blackburn, in the United States invented the the jaw crusher of the broken the rock; 1878 the United States has the development of with a continuous broken the action of the gyratory crusher the, its production efficiency is higher than to make intermittent broken the of the jaw crusher of the action; 1895, the the Cone crusher United States of the William invention lower energy consumption, of the impact crusher. Now of the crushing machine has been be regarded as to the development of to to the a relatively mature the stage of, and it has already a very good to solve the the the the stone broken of the the problem, cost savings, save a labor force resources, the same improve the work efficiency. So, this society a lot of new products in order to make better use of resources, as long as the intentions of the area to study it, will be able to find the corresponding decisions. Crusher industries, which involves a lot of related industries, mining machinery, water conservancy, chemical, ceramic, iron and steel, etc., but usually do a good job in the first place, meticulous research, but also can have a very good development.In this paper a prosperous Heavy original, reproduced, please indicate the source on one: crusher jaw crusher maintenance: the mobile crushing plant crushing operations to facilitate the return to the list ball mill: http://www.xb-machine.com/ Rotary kiln: http://www.xb-machine.com/Rotary_Kiln/Laterite-Nickel-orekiln.html

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