Jaw crusher years renew profusion road journey

Jaw crusher years renew profusion road journeyprosperous machinery: mining machinery R & D competition fully started We all know that mining machinery is an jaw crusher important part of the equipment industry in China.After the rapid development of the mining machinery industry in China, especially the foundation for the development of the crusher manufacturer has been further strengthened, and industrial advantages gradually, but the industrial economy of scale is relatively small, the agglomeration degree, market competitiveness, lack of innovative capacity and so on still more prominent, in-depth discussion how to effectively solve these problems, especially in the "12th Five-Year" first year is critical to enhance the overall quality of the mining machinery.Gradually resolve many problems in mining machinery, in addition to the bigger ball mill and stronger nurturing the development of large enterprises and groups, to strengthen the focus on construction of industrial parks, but more needs to be upgraded ball mill is how breakthroughs in core technologies to enhance the independent innovation capability building.Now, mining machinery by the price competition gradually evolved into the R & D competition, today the development of the crusher, mill and other mining machinery and equipment tends to large, intelligent and eco-energy saving.Prosperous as a manufacturer of mining machinery crusher equipment, machinery also noted the industry to develop a major factor, which also confirms the technology is the primary productive force and truth, in case everything is in place how to introduce new production technology , is an inexhaustible motive force of enterprise development, only with core manufacturing capabilities in order to get the added value and in order to realize a high-end high-yield, in order to gradually gather a true competitive advantage, and thus become a respected global market competition persons.Improve the capability of independent innovation will become an important support to improve the overall quality of the mining machinery.To strengthen technological innovation, and integrate the resources of technology owned Crusher Company, relying on major science and technology breakthroughs in core and key technologies.Prosperous machinery continue to strengthen the independent innovation capacity building, improve the quality of the industry as a whole to provide personnel protection to get rid of the accumulation in the development process capability of independent innovation is weak, the basic components of the high dependence on foreign technology development of high-end products is relatively backward and market to develop a strong capacity problems. ball mill: http://www.xb-machine.com/ Fly Ash Dryer: http://www.xb-crusher.com/Dry_Equipment/Fly-Ash-Dryer.html

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