Treasury in West Africa for Mining

Perhaps one of the biggest new stories in the mining industry is the prospect of developing West Africa where resources are inexhaustible. Many companies in Australia have taken notice. One country in particular, Burkina Faso, has been slated for development by a number of Australian and international companies. The region has vast mining potential, particularly for gold, iron ore beneficiation, and other base metals. But it also has its own problems and challenges, both in business and politics. This month Australian Mining caught up with one of Burkina Faso's most prominent Australian miners, Gryphon Minerals, and got the low-down on developing business and politics in the region from managing director Steve Parsons. Risky business? Translated to English Burkina Faso means 'the land of incorruptible men' and Parsons says Gryhpon has not had any trouble in the region since it started there in 2007. 'We've never seen any corruption there at any level, it's a really good place to be,' he says. 'It's a country that's never had any violence in its history, there's never been a war there.' Parsons also told Australian Mining Burkina Faso's democratic leaders were 'genuinely loved and respected' and because there were few tribal factions 'everyone gets on with each other'. But while companies continue to line up to make a start in Burkina Faso the Australian Government says all is not well in the region's

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