Maximising Team Productivity

Still today many employers operate on the ethos of getting every second of work from workers, thereby flogging workers into the ground. Everything from low pay to non- existent tea breaks and skipped or minimal lunch breaks. This can be the thin end of the wedge in maximizing “work” time and apparent cash flow, while not addressing productivity. More time put in (with minimal terms and conditions), is a simple minded approach to getting the most from a team.
It doesn't have to be uphill for the best team
Team ProductivityMorale goes hand in glove with productivity, in managing volunteers or paid staff. To treat the team well, with decent breaks (to recharge) and social bonuses e.g. team nights out or in house entertainment are all helpful. This can build teams and develop staff retention. Managers need to lead by example, by getting involved in all workers roles and being seen to do so. To take on menial tasks when needed and by adopting holistic management like this can educate managers on the roles of workers. This can help develop better comprehensive work practice from the bottom up.
It works!
Other incentives apart from hard cash help build loyalty and productivity such as training, incentivized holidays, gym membership etc are all creative tools. With regular feedback encouraged for good and bad issues, using anonymous and face to face methods. Combined with swift complaints procedures, maintaining a neutral stance on all issues raised, cultivates an environment of fairness and equality. By adopting these techniques for paid staff and volunteer teams I always exceeded work targets within work remits, and everyone was happy!


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