A Business Identity that Works

A Business Identity that WorksThere are companies out there with one liners and emblems that help the non-astute make a purchase or subscribe to a service. It just may be hard to develop a logo that sells with unlimited results like the Coca Cola company, but it's still possible. Remember, the emblem must relate to the brand. Products matter in the case of advertising; therefore, sticking to word associations or image selling is best for this purpose. A place to start is creating a slogan. It must be something simple with ample room to thrive in a radio ad or in print. The simpler it is, the more likely it will be recalled. And recollection serves to drive the customer to making buying a priority. Referring to the Coca Cola example, a one liner is used to conjure the image of the beverage in one's mind and force the public to buy a beverage or two. This has been an effective measure used in conjunction with simply selling a quality product to the public. And naturally, the mental image gets remembered. Business and personal references are a handy way to create a compelling company legacy. The tie in with a positive experience and a quality product goes further than many think. For example, there are multiple institutions like banks and companies that offer food products that have been in existence for a long time. These institutions are ever present because of an established product and excellent references. Let this be an example to live by when it comes to creating an identity that fits. Sometimes it takes more than a simple internet search to find the best logo or slogan. In most cases these things have to be created by the business owner and team so that the message is not lost. In most cases, a not so common jingle or a well thought out phrase will do the job. Ideally, the most that anyone can hope for is a series or sequence of options with one of them catching on in a positive way for a long time to come.

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