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Years ago it took months to bring a book to print, and before that with the few literate monks in existence writing to pass along knowledge it took years. Now, having a book published takes the act of simply pushing a button. It can be done online where the files are uploaded, reviewed, and approved. Assuming that the text is written it takes about a minute to get the massive piece to the internet shelves. Aspiring to write and publish novels does not have to be something difficult to do. Instead the bulk of the time spent is preparing the manuscript and proofreading. This doesn't matter if the piece is already flawless. The internet has made it easier to get a book to print and to sell copies to the general public. Whomever the audience is intended for doesn't seem to restrict sales. Seemingly anyone with an internet connection can access a text file. A writer might want to share the text with a bookstore or a library. This can happen as well with marketing existing as it now is. With the click of a button it is possible to reach millions who are hungry to read and analyze something new. Other readers have different motivations. Some will want to support a favorite author while still others are looking for a specific genre to add to a collection. Whatever the case may be there is a reason to take advantage of a publishing service that can also be free of charge. There are websites that give customers a platform with which to print and publish a manuscript of any size. This option to presenting an idea or created piece to a publisher has proven successful because there are no rejections. The ideal publishing firm is the one that automatically accepts the book and sends is to the shelves. This is the best case scenario for anybody who has no idea how to begin to approach the massive publishing houses. Writing has new meaning.

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