Choose wood flooring do not geothermal

According to international practice, the proportion of people aged over 65 than 7% of the total population, it is called "aging society" rather than the 14% it is called "aging society." Actually began in 2001, China entered the "aging society." In the Chinese entered the aging society, many children home for the elderly in order to be able to enjoy a happy life, all have at home improvement on geothermal floor. With the field of geothermal flooring products and standards system has become increasingly mature, popular only a matter of time.

South of the Yangtze River in the winter is more "biting" geothermal building needs attention

In the traditional sense of the area north of the Yangtze River was known as the North, the North was generally only have geothermal supply. The vast majority of the Yangtze River to the south of the South where the lack of geothermal heat supply. But that is not our South is not cold, no geothermal supply. Does indeed contrary, many people in the area south of the Yangtze River are reflected geothermal cold winter without people shivering in the hope that the Government will soon provide centrally geothermal supply.

With the acceleration of the aging of society, the vast region south of the Yangtze elderly also need to have a cold winter geothermal. In particular, in recent years, as global temperatures caused by abnormally cold weather, to the elderly cause more trouble. Therefore, the construction of the Yangtze River to the south of geothermal necessary attention.

Selected geothermal heat the floor is a prerequisite building

Building with geothermal heat the floor matching is very important in the building at the same geothermal heat the floor must pay attention to the choice. However, due to China's current geothermal flooring market is still in the development stage, there are many irregularities. So geothermal flooring experts remind, select geothermal floor there are two issues must pay attention to:

First, heat the floor of green issues. Because the market is still to laminate flooring as a major geothermal floor material that more or less contain formaldehyde, which on human health, especially the health of the elderly have a great threat. Reinforced composite materials in the choice of doing geothermal must choose big brands have relevant environmental credentials of products.

Second, geothermal geothermal floor effect problems. Market sales of geothermal floor did not have a lot of geothermal energy to play a real effect, so be sure to see the product purchase thermal conductivity. If you choose wood flooring do not geothermal are advised to thin thick, if you choose tile material geothermal board is best to choose wood tiles, bricks and wood to choose high-end products, although it will a little expensive, but more durable, and energy environmentally friendly.

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