Easy Digest Kids Cooking

Food is very important for human to help them extend their life. Through food, human body can consume vast amount of nutrition, energy, vitamins, and protein to maintain their health. For children, having proper protein consumption is really needed to help their growing progress. Protein is also needed in calorie burning process as the substances to produce energy. If you children do not have enough amount of protein, your body will be weaker and the growing process will be obstructed. As parents, we have to make sure our kids have proper amount of protein in their menu. Protein can be found from fish, eggs, beans, and meat. Meat becomes the easiest materials to get in market and it does not cause any allergic like eggs and fish have. For children you can make Easy Digest Meat Kids Cooking with Chicken-Herb Meatballs with Zucchini Raita. For the first step, put zucchini and ¼ tbsp of salt into a mixing bowl, and then mix them well. After it’s done, put aside it for 15 minutes. While waiting, you can mix milk and breadcrumbs into another bowl. After that, prepare your food processor to squash the chicken. After it is soft, put the soft chicken into bowl and add panko, chives, parsley, 1 tsp mint, 1 tsp salt, and paper. Mix the dough until it is well mixed. Roll the mixture to shape 1 inch ball. After then fry the meatballs into hot oil until the colour changes brown. For the zucchini sausage, squash the zucchini to get its juice. Then combine the juice with yogurt, lemon juice, sugar, ¼ tbsp mint, and season with salt. After mix it well, put it in the refrigerator. It is suggested to make the sausage before you process the meatballs, so after your meatballs are cooked you can directly eat it.

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