Email Marketing: A guide to the Internet’s most effective marketing tool

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The inherent power of email marketing is the permission the consumer has given you to communicate with them. Commercials are put on mute. Banner ads are closed or ignored. People are somewhat of a captive audience to radio advertising-if they're not listening to downloaded MP3s and podcasts. The world is tired of commercials-unless they invite them. Yet e-mail marketing allows the entrepreneur to do so much more than give a commercial. In fact you, the marke... More >> Email Marketing: A guide to the Internet's most effective marketing tool

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5 Responses to “Email Marketing: A guide to the Internet’s most effective marketing tool”

  • Dee Williams says:

    OK, I’ve got to admit it – I’ve been tinkering with email marketing for a number of years now – and not to great effect. My monthly newsletters were dull and uninspiring. Even I would struggle to find them interesting enough to open – let alone click back through to my site and actually buy something. It was something I know I should be doing and I did religously – but just not very well.

    This book, which I read on a short flight recently, taught me that email marketing isn’t rocket science – it just needs to be carefully planned and executed – no more “gosh it’s the last Tuesday of the month – better spam my mailing list”.

    So moving on – I’ll be segmenting my list, keeping it relevant and above all never be boring. Let’s hope it works.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • MarkSamson says:

    Email Marketing by Mary R. Butler is not a tech-heavy, jargon-riddled read. It is a simple, common sense guide to building successful email lists and campaigns. Whether you are selling digital downloads via Clickbank or are a multi-channel online retailer taking your first steps into the world of email marketing – this is the book for you. With top-tips and best practices on everything from building lists, generating copy and perhaps more importantly – keeping on the right side of the law, this books is a quick and easy reference tool for all online entrepreneurs.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • As a full-time affiliate marketing professional – I found this book offered me a great refresher course in the day-to-day email marketing skills I should already possess. The book has been simply written and is ideal for any online entrepreneur particularly the SMB type sellers and affiliates.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Errors, typos, spacing, poor design, poor language, no flow… just some of the problems this book has. Simply put, this was a “bush league” production. For one, the content was sloppy and forced, almost as if it as written just to get a book out there on email marketing. I’m willing to guess this was the author’s first book. If you’re truly interested in email marketing, there are dozens of other options which will take you through the process in a more professional and well-written manner.
    Rating: 1 / 5


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