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I love case studies , in this article I am explain what is entrepreneurship

If u are very interested to know much detailed on entrepreneurship go through the site http://www.ibscdc.org so let we start

Entrepreneurs: people who create and grow enterprises

Entrepreneurship: the process through which entrepreneurs create and grow enterprises: Entrepreneurship development…the infrastructure of public and private policies and practices that foster and support entrepreneurship.

Some of the entrepreneurs are:

Survival entrepreneurs: who resort to creating enterprises to supplement their incomes because there are few other options available. Sometimes called “entrepreneurs by necessity”

“Lifestyle entrepreneurs” are people who chose self-employment because they no longer want to work for someone else, or because it provides a better way of balancing work and home demands, or because it enables them to stay in communities to which they have great attachment. The focus is usually on providing a living for the entrepreneur and her or his family. They are often called “Mom and Pop” businesses,

“Growth entrepreneurs” are those who are motivated to grow their businesses so that they can create wealth and jobs in their community.

“Serial entrepreneurs” are people who enjoy the process of business creation and over their lifetimes will create several businesses, often selling their ventures in the process.

The process of entrepreneurship is something to which Cathy Ashmore at the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education has given much thought over several years.

 some of the case studies available in ibscdc.org are:

1.Dean Kamen’s Technological Entrepreneurship
2.Robert E. Rubin: Executive Entrepreneur
3.Social Entrepreneurship: Serving the ‘Niche’ Business
4.Aravind Eye Hospitals: A Case in Social Entrepreneurship
5.Matrix Laboratories – Road to Success
6.Patrick J. McGovern's International Data Group: Growth Strategies in Asia
7.Vijay Mallya, the Indian Business Baron: A ‘Bon Vivant’ Entrepreneur?
8.Technology and Business Incubation in India-Challenges and Opportunities
9.Global Hospitals – Where Life Gets a Second Chance

Asia-Pacific's Largest Repository of Management Case Studies

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