Online Marketing Success Stories: Insider Secrets, from the Experts Who Are Making Millions on the Internet Today

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This new book by Atlantic Publishing Company entitled Online Marketing Success Stories Insider Secrets, from the Experts who are Making Millions on the Internet Today, will give you real life examples of how successful businesses market their products online. The information is so useful you can read a page and put the idea into action today! Standing out in the turmoil of today's internet marketplace is a major challenge. There are many books and courses on interne... More >> Online Marketing Success Stories: Insider Secrets, from the Experts Who Are Making Millions on the Internet Today

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5 Responses to “Online Marketing Success Stories: Insider Secrets, from the Experts Who Are Making Millions on the Internet Today”

  • G. Ochs says:

    Rene’ Richards’ compendium of online marketing triumphs provides a look into the factors that led to successes for companies from major players, like Google, to mom-and-pop shops. Not only does this book provide insights from people who have turned their online dreams into profitable realities, it also lays out, chapter-by-chapter and step-by-step, the route to follow for the success of your own online venture.

    I saved lots of time and effort reading this book instead of searching the Net to find the answers I needed. I highly recommend Richards’ book for anyone contemplating an entry to the online world of commerce, whether they’re looking to sell services, products or information. Great read!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Online Marketing Success Stories: Insider Secrets from the Experts Who are Making Millions on the Internet Today by Rene V. Richards, published by Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.

    Rating: 5 stars out of five.

    Rene V. Richards is an accountant and financial services advisor, as well as writer of investment articles. In Online Marketing Success Stories she describes a large variety of successful, online marketing campaigns, including strategies, styles, and secrets, of the great ones, such as Google and Microsoft, and smaller, but also successful, marketers.

    Covered in 260 pages are how to successfully develop a website and create visibility for it on Internet search engines. She discusses how to get buyers to visit your site, purchase your products, up sell products, and dangers to avoid. Case studies of Corey Rudl, Robert Imbriale, Jay Conrad Levinson, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Ken Evoy, Allan Gardyne, and Phil Wiley are included. So are Yanik Silver, Declan Dunn, eBay, and Amazon. If you ever wanted a wealth of information about search engine optimization (SEO), e-zines, META tags, branding, ad words, and pay-per-click, this book is for you!

    This book is user-friendly and comprehensive, pulling into one resource a multitude of successful, Internet marketing strategies and tips, based on the successful careers of some the most famous Internet marketers.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  • This book mixes useful online information with engaging presentation to produce an effective, tried and true, how to book. Interesting and candid case studies of winning online businesses illustrate the journey from idea to success in layman’s terms. The reader is invited to check out a wealth of website information online for the businesses profiled.

    After four types of online businesses are described with accompanying personal stories, the author summarizes the advice, secrets, and tips for online marketing success. This is an excellent beginners’ book, as it assists the future entrepreneur in solidifying business ideas, and gives direction for those who don’t know where to start.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Compay says:

    Let me preface this review by pointing out that six of the seven reviewers that gave this book five stars have something in common: They only review books from Atlantic Publishing, and each reviewer rates the exact same books five stars each. Take that for what it’s worth, now on to my review.

    If you’re in the market for a book that will inspire you as a business owner, then this is what you’re looking for. But if you’re expecting a book that will offer real insight on techniques to improve your business, this book will disappoint.

    There are two main issues with the success stories contained within this book. The first is that the majority of stories are from the owners of very obscure websites. One Amazon reviewer seems to suggest that the stories read more like ads than anything, and he does seem to have a valid point.

    The second major issue is that most the success stories seem to involve sites that generated significant revenue from the late 1990’s to about 2002. If the companies mentioned in a 2006 book were so successful, it seems odd that many of those sites are no longer online in 2009. Furthermore, tips on what worked for an e-commerce website back in 2001 aren’t particularly useful for an online storefront developed in 2010. This ties in to the fact that the chapter on website development is extremely brief, and would offer no real search engine optimization help even to online marketing newbies.

    At an absolute best, you might pick up a handful of useful ideas from some of the stories shared by business owners. Most of their suggestions are vague, and often don’t involve techniques that someone can replicate. Rather than try to absorb dozens of different ideas from dozens of site owners, it seems more practical to purchase a book where a single author offers techniques that worked for his or her own clients. The stories in this book make for interesting reading, but ultimately they won’t offer sound techniques for online marketing in this day and age.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • E-commerce is expected to increase by 500 percent through 2010, so any business anticipating success must have more than a retail brick n mortar presence: that’s the message of a title which gathers over sixty true stories from those who have evolved successful businesses on the internet today. Learn from the culmination of hundreds of tips, which here represent the best, most successful advice. There are many books covering Internet strategies – but few packed with real-world success stories, as this provides.

    Diane C. Donovan

    California Bookwatch
    Rating: 5 / 5


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