Self Promotion Online: Marketing Your Creative Services Using Web Sites, E-Mail and Digital Portfolios

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Like it or not, your success is determined as much by how well you promote your work as by the quality of your work. Thankfully, online promotion has opened up a whole new channel for you to generate opportunities for both you and your firm to get the word out. Yet you should not stray into this brave new world uninformed or without a strategy for using the speed and reach of the Web to your advantage. In Self-Promotion Online: Marketing Your Creative Services Usi... More >> Self Promotion Online: Marketing Your Creative Services Using Web Sites, E-Mail and Digital Portfolios

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5 Responses to “Self Promotion Online: Marketing Your Creative Services Using Web Sites, E-Mail and Digital Portfolios”

  • Sunny says:

    If you are a serious web designer and looking for serious ‘wired’ advice, stay away from this joke. But if all you’re interested in is brochure-graphics and annual-reports design, this book is a good example to study. It’s no bigger than a brochure, 128 sides in all, of which a whopping 32 sides are devoted to announcing the beginning of chapters. I’m serious! 16 whole double sides have been devoted to the words ‘Chapter 1’, ‘Chapter 2’ and so on. And the few pages that remain for content dish out such archaic advice as joining email exchange programs and having digital signatures in your emails. Just another book cashing in (or at least trying to) on the fact that there are still enough people out there in awe of the web.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • “Self-Promotion Online” delivers exactly what the title promises; a full marketing plan for self-promotion via the Internet. The first section starts with a chapter on creating an effective website although you might want to get her other book “Designing Websites” for much more thorough coverage of this area. The rest of the first section covers using the web as an online portfolio and using the website as a showcase for your business.

    She does a very commendable job of covering the bane of every Internet user – using e-mail to market without engaging in spam. She also covers items like using strategic linking and doing marketing research online and finishes the book with three different strategies and to-do lists.

    Almost every page has full color illustrations and examples to clearly illustrate the concepts presented in the text. The book covers all the most important points of using the Internet to promote your business/self and is a recommended purchase.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • Man was I fooled. All of the great reviews that people have given this book made me think that it was the answer to all my dreams. Now it just holds cups on my coffee table. It is a pretty book. The design is overused, but other than that it is really nice looking. However, I didn’t buy it for the pictures, I bought it for the content.

    I spent an hour out of my day to listen to someone say the same thing over and over. And what ever happened to being unique? She tears down the artistic (which just happens to be the target market for the book) and tries to replace it with the simplistic. I can see this for a writer or something along those lines, but not a graphic/web designer. How are you going to fully promote your artistic ability without being artistic? Her marketing strategies aren’t creative; they are boring and safe. In my opinion, the best way to get noticed is to think outside of the box; this book chains you inside the box. It’s time for people to stop being safe and take a few risks; it’s time to be unique. Besides, it is hard to get noticed when you look like everyone else in the crowd.

    With that said I will leave the decision up to the reader. I felt that I wasted my money, and learned nothing; but you may feel different. But don’t come crying to me when you feel cheated.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • Leetech says:

    This book is great for those beginning to learn how to promote themselves and their services. It didn’t have any information that I didn’t already know about, but if you really look at the examples you can get some good ideas. This book is very basic and to the point. You might want to flip through the actual book before deciding if it’s really for you.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • Lee Mamunes says:

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I devoured it this past weekend. It is full of great content and fabulous design. You really did a great job! Of course it is very timely for me since I just launched my Web site last fall. I plan to use many of your marketing strategies, specifically the links exchange and E-mail promotion ideas. There are books for artists as entrepreneurs and books for marketing, but this book has it all under one cover. Bravo!
    Rating: 5 / 5


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