Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars

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"I highly recommend this book! It is a must-read for any business wanting to learn from the very best marketers in the world how to succeed online" - Jack Canfield, Author of Success Principles and Chicken Soup For The Soul "The Definitive Online Marketing Book! Every chapter is a treasury of high-impact strategies and tactics from the very best marketers on the Internet." - Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of Guerrilla Marketing, the best-selling marketing series i... More >> Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars

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6 Responses to “Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars”

  • I bought this book for my wife but after having looked at it I should have bought some flowers instead.

    The book was bilge water but for those who watch the gurus of e-marketing the classic formula for e-book selling has been followed to the letter.

    Really great ad copy to move the book (sell the sizzle not the steak) and use the book as a thinly veiled advertisement pushing the products of all the gurus who “generously” supplied content.

    For the unititiated I would suggest this. Go to each of the websites of those marketers mentioned in the book or the teaser copy. What you will find is the same names popping up on all of the different websites. This is because they each act as an endorsement for the others product.

    Go to Mitch’s website and you will see the “usual suspects” endorsing this book as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then go to one of their’s and you will find Mitch endorsing their product as the greatest thing since sliced bread. It takes a while to spot the mechanics but before to long you to will learn the secrect too cross-plugging and expert endorsements for fame and fortune.

    It reminds me a little of the old Shakesperian acting troupes where the same five or six actors toured together. In each play it was the same actors only playing different parts.

    I also suspect that those who have provided glowing reviews are either new to this game or are schmoozing for an endorsement of their own product by one of the big fish.

    Bottom line- save your money. And remember how this game works the next time you get one of those “You’ve just got to see this” emails touting a new product from one of the “usual suspects”.

    This is how you take dishwater and turn it into an overnight best seller. Which ever one of these guys who’s turn it is to shear the sheep this month simply has the other guys who are waiting their turn at bat blast their mail list with a glowing revue and a “to good to resist” offer. The groupies and the newbies fork out the shekels enmasse while the gurus begin work on their sheep shearing best seller.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • CT Huang says:


    The author interview several internet marketing gurus specialized in different areas of internet marketing. The discussions were briefly touched on different area of internet marketing. REALLY BRIEFLY !!!

    This book is for someone who already in internet marketing for a while and use as a checklist.

    For a internet beginner to read it, everything sounds great in this book because they don’t know any better.

    Don’t waste your money on this.

    This is a freaking poor-designed frontend product for other coaching service or bigger product.

    If you truly want to learn internet marketing, go buy

    ” The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Small Business” by Tom Antion

    or Corey Rudl’s Insider Secret

    Hope this helps

    CT Huang

    Rating: 1 / 5

  • I bought this book on a whim not having read any reviews. I wanted to brush up on what the experts in the Marketing field were doing with their companies to be successful and grow at the same pace as the internet. And, I have been able to do that with this book. It’s comprehensive, easy to read, and goes a little beyond the whole “you should do this” in theory and tries to show the reader how to apply the concepts to real-life scenarios.

    I wouldn’t equate this to a Marketing 101 class — it’s basic, yes, however I think you need to have more than just a surface level understanding of the marketing platforms they discuss to get the most out of the book: blogs, copy writing, developing lists, branding, affiliate marketing, product development, coaching, etc.

    Each contributing writer has his own business and they don’t hold back from assertively yet not too aggressively selling you on their product or service. It gets to be borderline annoying, however if the multitude of resources they outline in the book are really of quality (I haven’t checked any out yet), it’s worth it for the person who is seriously going to set up shop online. Otherwise, the book is a little more than a gimick to make money off the aspiring entrepreneur.

    Bottom line, the book is a quick read and worth the purchase and time for a person who has adequate marketing background and wants more than just a basic “to-do” checklist for setting up a business and understanding what drives online sales and brand loyalty. When the time comes to put in the legwork and go live, all the information and resources they provide will become useful to do things right. But, to do it right and learn from these experts we have to do the homework they leave us with…
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • Sara says:

    This is a solid book worthy of a read. There are very good tips, tricks, and ideas, but you will have to wade through the different authors promoting their own services/products to get to the core theories.

    I really found this book got me thinking about the ways I market my business online and, that alone, has made it well worth the purchase price.

    At times I did think it was repeating things from the first marketing course I ever took in school years ago, but a little refresher never hurt.

    I recommend checking out some of Seth Godin’s works in this area, since those are equally if not more insightful.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • Dennis Handa says:

    As an owner of a large Real Estate web site, I needed information on how to promote and gain ground with search engines. I found the section on setting up a blog, to be really informative. In addition the book pointed out the importance of news feeds and how they help in search engine positioning. In conclusion, I found the book to be a bargain and full of good content.

    Dennis Handa
    Rating: 5 / 5

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