The Enterprise Management Rule (IV)

In last article, we have talk about the first six chapters of the enterprise management rule, today, let’s continue others.
Chapter VII: Innovation is the life of enterprise
Innovation is the driving force for development of the core, is the inevitable result of market competition. Only through innovation enterprise can break the routine, break traditions; only constant innovation can be invincible forever in stimulating competition.
77. Davidow's Law: continue to create new products and eliminate old products
78. Path dependence: step out of a fixed way of thinking
79. Flea effect: managers do not self-handicapping
80. Buren Law: Failure is also an opportunity
Chapter VIII: intelligence and strategy for decisive competition
The 21st century is a highly competitive age. The biggest weapon for survival is competition. In this contest, the management of the methods of competition, competitive strategy and competitive means will become a key factor in corporate victory or defeat.
81. Dogs mastiff effect: let enterprises to survive in the competition
82. Zero and game theory: to achieve win-win situation between competition and cooperation
83. Superfish rule: speed determine success or failure of competition
84. Matthew: Only the first, there is no second
85. Niche's Law: to find differences in competition, to achieve dislocation management
86. Monkey - Elephant Law: small win over large, the weak win over the strong
Chapter IX: details determine success and failure
The inequality of details implies that 1% of the errors led to 100% failure. The failure of many enterprises is often because of the details having not been coped well. Into any details been done, companies will not be within a problem.
87. Broken Windows effect: timely correct and remedy the problem that is occurring
88 Domino effect: all goodness is hard if only one goodness, while all will be bad easily if only one bad
89. The Butterfly Effect: 1% of the errors led to 100% of the failure
90 Hein's Law: any unsafe incidents are preventable
91. Wang Yung-ching's Law: to save a dollar is equal to a net profit of a dollar
Chapter X: playing marketing card excellently
No successful marketing, no successful enterprises. Marketing activities are the ultimate means to achieve profits. In the market homogenization of highly competitive products, marketing often determines the success or failure of business.
92. Veblen effect: the higher commodity prices, the easier it will be selling
93. "100-1 = 0"'s Law: Let every customer satisfied
94. Tank Theory: find the most essential needs of customers
95. Bullwhip Effect: Enhancing Supply Chain Management
96. Frisch's Law: no employee satisfaction, there is no customer satisfaction
97. 250 Law: Do not neglect any one customer
98. Brit Theorem: make full use of the role of advertising promotions
99. Nirenberg's Law: in success of negotiations, both sides are winners
100. Weite Lai Law: starting from the people do not want to

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