Advertising Business Internet Marketing Online – Advertising a Business With Internet Marketing Online

Advertising Business Internet Marketing Online

You've got to find different ways to generate traffic online. I've done it quite successfully with Google AdWords. You can write articles. You can get a lot of followers on social media and send them to your website by blogs. You can use affiliate marketing. There are so many strategies which you can use online. I probably spend somewhere in the vicinity of $25,000 dollars a year on Google AdWords and it's a very measurable and trackable medium. It is getting more expensive because it's sort of based around a supply/demand equation but it works very effectively. So if you've got a bit of a budget I encourage you to get Google AdWords.

But here's the bottom line: it doesn't matter how you get your traffic if you can't convert it because turning the web into money involves two things: traffic and conversion.

If you're not converting then you're dead in the water. Another thing I've been doing effectively is writing articles and distributing articles. That's really useful for two reasons. Number one, it gets you out there. But number two, it also helps you in the search engines. There's a guy named Sean Mize who has programs on this. Advertising Business Internet Marketing Online

The other thing worth considering is social media. I've yet to see it proven but if you're going to do social media make sure you do it with a blog because basically the way I would be doing it is getting lots of followers on Twitter and Facebook. It's very easy to get targeted followers on Twitter. You can jump online to someone's website or someone's Twitter page and see everyone who is following them. And if you follow those people they should follow you back and that's how you can generate a follower.

Now as a business owner, you should be outsourcing the social media postings. That's sort of $5.00 dollar an hour work and if you're planning to earn hundreds of dollars an hour as many of you already are or will be, then you don't want to be spending your time doing that. But by putting useful content on social media and sending people to your blog, your blog can then put people onto your e-mail list and all of a sudden you've got another traffic generating strategy. I'm a big believer that if you can get people to join your e-mail list and develop a really strong relationship with them then that's a business. So send people from social media to your blog and get a percentage of them to join your e-mail list - then turn that e-mail list into product sales. Advertising Business Internet Marketing Online

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