Branson School of Entrepreneurship

Sir Richard Branson is truly an entreprenant individual. He embodies what it means to me a successful business adventurer. To list all of Branson's entrepreneurial accomplishments here would be both time consuming and somewhat redundant as there are a number of Branson biographies posted all over the web (he has also published 3 well known autobiographies). However here are a few current highlights:

- today his Virgin Group has expanded into leisure, travel, tourism, mobile, broadband, TV, radio, music festivals, finance and health through 200 companies in over 30 countries.

- the Virgin Green Fund is successfully investing in renewable energy and resource efficiency.

- the Virgin Earth Challenge is a prize of $25 million for whoever can design a technology which will result in the net removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric greenhouse gases.

- Virgin Unite is a not-for-profit entrepreneurial foundation with the goal of revolutionizing the way businesses and the social sector work together – driving business as a force for good.

One of the most interesting of Branson's initiatives is the Branson School of Entrepreneurship founded in Johannesburg in 2005. The School is a partnership between Virgin Unite and CIDA City Campus (founded by fellow entrepreneur Taddy Bletcher) that aims to improve economic growth in South Africa with the goal of launching 30 small businesses each year. More specifically the Branson School of Entrepreneurship works to:

- Identify and nurture individuals with entrepreneurial potential

- Develop potential entrepreneurs in a practical, relevant and holistic way

- Provide students with real-world business skills and mentorship

- Promote entrepreneurship as a desirable career option and

- Support start-ups and micro-enterprises with skills, mentors, services, networks and finance arrangements

Like most entrepreneurs Branson lives on the forefront of economic, cultural, and social change. Today many universities are following suit by emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship in their classrooms. It is this type of thinking that will lead to the business revolution that the world so desperately needs to enhance both economic and social growth.

I am not a successful billionaire entrepreneur. I have not started the next Microsoft, invented the next breakthrough consumer product, or sold my business for a ridiculous gain. I am nota business expert by any means.

I am probably very much like you. A young, ambitious entrepreneur with a great interest in business, adventure, and living life to the fullest who is anxious to make his or her mark on the world. I am writing this blog as a source of information, inspiration, and entertainment for similar people to myself as we take the plunge into and entrepreneurial life.

Hope you enjoy,

Jake Adams

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