Company Growth 5 Free Online Business Advertising Secrets

Sun Tzu stated in his Art of War, that you should attack, where the enemy is weakest.

In the contemporary business world, most business owners seeking company growth fail to understand how to achieve free online business advertising. If they did, then their business growth could be exponential.

In business war terms, your enemies are your competitors, and your competitor's weakness is frequently identified by business management consultants and business consultancy firms as their online e-commerce presence.

If addressed correctly a companies growth can be staggering.

It doesn't matter which business sector you hail from, adopting these free small business advertising tactics can lead to exponential growth of business.

Company growth secrets from free online business advertising outlines financial & growth benefits. Growth can be achieved by business owners tapping into a companies growth strategies afforded by the new online advertising options like Google domination.

One of the most restrictive business growth factors is a lack of a business sector small business advertising budget.

Business consultancy firms typically hire SEO specialists to solve this issue.

Every business owner aspires for fast company growth in sales and profitability and always looks for the right means to achieve business growth.

Experiencing business growth is both a struggle and a pleasure, as every business sector owner tries to reduce the struggle and concentrate his efforts on accomplishing their companies growth.

Business management consultants suggest one of the most important aspects relating to growth of business is to systematically re-invest part of the profits back into the business.

Out of the many conventional marketing strategies which a growing business adopts, advertising and brand building should figure at the top of the marketing strategy.

There is a wide choice of free online business advertising and even more free small business advertising strategies available to business owners.

It has been suggested that given the penetration of the Internet throughout the business world, using cyber space as an effective advertising media is fast catching on amongst the business community.

Innovative methods of free online business advertising are being used to effectively increase the reach of the business.

Business growth from free small business advertising is an important concept which should not be overlooked by either small or large business organizations.

Some business consultancy firms estimate the number of websites will shortly exceed the total population of the world, and numerous new websites are being launched every day.

Most of the websites look for different streams of revenues, and posting advertisements is one of the most popular means of revenue for many websites. PPC or Pay Per Click is also popular within the business sector as a means of instantly achieving business growth.

This is because the fees are payable to the websites only when the users click on the advertisement. At all other times its acts as a free advertisement.

Business management consultants and business consultancy firms who work with start-up businesses stress the need for low cost advertisements, since advertising budgets of businesses during the start-up phase are low and often nonexistent.

However one of the best kept secrets for achieving company growth is to identify the online outlets which offer free online business advertising and free small business advertising designed to assist a companies growth.

There are also many websites which allow free advertisements for a stipulated period of time and charge the businesses only after the free period.

Some online marketeers emphasize the need for every business to use innovative methods of low cost or free online business advertising for business development, and the growth of business. Utilising the following free small business advertising, secrets can turbo charge your company growth.

Free Online Business Advertising Company Growth Secrets #1 Web Site Blog

Every business sector seeking business growth is being advised by business management consultants to incorporate a Blog into their business web site.

I suggest writing your own business Blog is one of the greatest free online business advertising strategies required to achieve a companies growth.

It is no great secret that business consultancy firms are also promoting a well written Blog as one of the most effective growth of business tactics.

Free Online Business Advertising Company Growth Secrets #2 Writing Online Articles

It has also been suggested that the internet is a huge source of valuable information which can be tapped into for business growth for any business sector.

Many business management consultants and business consultancy firms have identified the writing of online articles as one of the most successful free small business advertising strategies required to achieve growth of business.

It is unlikely that anyone knows your business as well as you, so it makes sense for you to write your own online articles about you, and/or your company's products and services. Once published online, your articles will help to drive customer traffic to your web site.

Free Online Business Advertising Company Growth Secrets #3 Online Article Submission Sites

Business consultancy firms and business management consultants promoting business growth advocate submitting your online articles to any number of the online article submission sites.

However caution is advised as there are literally tens of thousands of these online article submission sites, and like any business sector there are good and bad submission sites.

To increase your companies growth by submitting your articles to submission sites, you need to understand the relevance of free small business advertising as opposed to some of the submission sites who charge fees for this service.

In a nutshell you are looking for growth of business, so the concept of an article submission site posting your business article to hundreds or thousands of other business web sites and Blogs will undoubtedly assist in any companies growth.

Free Online Business Advertising Company Growth Secrets #4 Google 1st Page Listings

Business consultancy firms and business management consultants suggest that irrespective of your business sector, fantastic business growth can be achieved by having one or more of your business articles placing on the first page of Google and or other major search engines.

It is generally recognised that online buyers are 4 to 6 times more likely to buy from a business that has a natural organic listing on a search engine first page, as opposed to a business paying for a sponsored link or pay per click campaign.

This medium of free small business advertising really assists any growth of business and all business owners should be aware that 66% of all business buyers now utilise a major search engine for initial research before buying. Having a 1st page listing assists any companies growth.

Free Online Business Advertising Company Growth Secrets #5 Google Domination

The SEO MS advises that Google domination is such a secretive art that very few online marketing companies or business consultancy firms know how to harness this powerful free small business advertising strategy. Growth of business for any business sector can be achieved by implementing the concept of Google domination.

Google domination is simply having your business article or articles dominating the first page natural listings. Business management consultants suggest that when a purchaser searches for a product or service that you or your business sells, it inspires supreme confidence if you or your company dominate the Google listings.

To achieve maximum business growth you want your articles to feature above the scroll, which in reality means dominating the top 5 listings on Google and other search engines.

Achieve this and the likelihood of your companies growth increases significantly.

Dr. Mark D. Yates The International Business Guru & Growth Consultant grows businesses fast delivering exponential growth, increased turnover & profit margins. He delivers business support to small, medium & large businesses in 42 countries. To claim his FREE business case files e-mail him at

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