Free Business Advertising: Is it Any Good?

Many advertising companies offer free business advertising schemes. If you are a customer of the company for a long time, you can post free ads on their websites. Many companies provide these free advertisements as a part of their promotional offers. You can get free business advertisements on the internet or in the newspapers. Generally free business ads are not that effective and hence most of the people do not go for free advertising schemes.

With advertising business growing leaps and bounds there are many options and types of advertisements that can suit your budget and needs. These ads are also better than the free ads and are more effective. Generally free ads scheme is for government related ads. Like ads of some upcoming vaccine campaign, some public event or something on these lines. Celebrities also feature in these ads without taking any fees and they do this work for charity purposes. Many news papers, magazines, web sites etc publish free of cost ads for chartable organizations and other government foundations.

- Visiting cards: Visiting cards of a person or a company are the best way of free business advertising. A person can exchange these visiting cards with friends or relatives or social contacts during social events and social parties, etc. Visiting cards can have bold headings mentioning the name of your business organizations and its basic or primary work. These visiting cards can also have personal details of the person as well as official contact details of the business office and its address. Visiting cards can be very effective way of free business advertising.

- Distributing pamphlets: Another good way of free business advertising is to distribute pamphlets that gives the details of your business your products your company and other details. The pamphlets can be color pamphlets with attractive designs and attractive photos or bright colors. Such pamphlets are very attractive and can be distributed among people very easily. There are also black and white pamphlets that are available and hence they help you save money. These pamphlets can be made at home or one can get it made form a professional. These pamphlets are generally of single page and vary in size depending on your choice.

- Distributing sign boards: Distributing free sign boards that have a name for your business organization printed on it are a huge hit with people and a great free business advertising idea. One can distribute daily use sign boards like "no parking", NO spitting", no littering", "no smoking", etc. All these are daily use sign boards and are compulsorily read by people. Hence if you have the name of your business its work and its contact details printed on these boards they automatically become advertised and popular.

- Car stickers: You can distribute car stickers bearing your business name and details among friends, families and employees. These stickers can be funny and witty to draw attention or can simply display the contact details in bold along with the company name.

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