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Having on online business means living and dying by the amount of website visitors you can generate. Advertising your business online can get very expensive; however, if you mix in some free advertising methods, you can lower the overall cost of advertising your business online.

One of the ways to do free internet business advertising is to create hub pages on other websites. Nowadays there are a lot of different sites that gives you the opportunity to create your own profile and put up content in the same way as you do on a blog. You can generate a lot of website traffic for free by creating hub pages on websites relevant to your business. You can write content that's promoting your website and that makes other people interested in it. You also get one way links from those pages that are great when you want to rank higher with the search engines.

Social marketing is a popular and smart way to advertise your business online for free, and hub pages are included in this. Social bookmarking is another part of social marketing and when you join social bookmarking websites you are able to both get one way links to your site and you can also submit your website or a part of it and in this way have people interested in the information and be redirected to your website. There are hundreds of popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit, and better yet, you can find social bookmarking sites that are relevant to your online business. On these sites you are able to add tags to your submitted sites that makes people searching for content related to those keywords find your website easily.

By using these tools you can really get a lot more visitors to your website, and the best thing is that this type of internet business advertising is free. Not only do you get a lot of web traffic, but you also generate a lot of backlinks, or links back to your company's website, and this helps with your site's search engine rankings. Create a profile on some of the most popular sites and let this be one of the ways you are using to do free internet business advertising, along with other great tools, such as article submissions to some of the article directories and submission of your site to some of the great amount of web directories there are on the web. It is well worth the effort if you want to have your internet business being seen by others.

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