How to Create an Online Marketing Plan

Why Online Marketing?

Of all the possible media and marketing options out there these days, online marketing offers the very best in affordable, scalable and effective marketing.

With nearly a quarter of the worlds six and a half billion population online, it offers unsurpassed market penetration. With numbers like that, the question isn't should you have an online marketing plan, it's why you haven't got an online marketing plan already!

Decide on Your Budget

The first thing you should do when designing an online marketing campaign is to figure out what your budget is. The good news is that while online marketing has a much wider reach than print or other conventional media, it's often cheaper.

In fact, if you have the time and skills, it can be free! Of course, if you don't have the time to dedicate to your online marketing plan, or the skills required to effectively implement your online marketing campaign, you should consider hiring a professional, again, however, this is much cheaper than conventional media!

Create a Comprehensive Online Marketing Plan

A comprehensive online marketing is not about having a website, and being done with it. There are several other avenues of online marketing, and the more you pursue, the better, and faster, your online marketing plan is likely to work!

Here are a few ideas and resources you may want to take into account when you design your online marketing plan:

Social networks Press releases Article marketing Blogging Link building SEO and keywords Pay per click advertising Email marketing

Each of these, and the many other options you have when creating your online marketing plan require a varying amount of time, and offer their own unique benefits.

Putting together a comprehensive online marketing campaign should ideally utilize one or more of these items, and create an ongoing, blanket online marketing strategy.

Tamara Aspeling is the founder and director of Caliente Media, a company dedicated to cost effective, quality online marketing campaigns, for on and offline businesses. For more information, email Caliente Media, or visit the website.

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