How to Make Money Online by Accepting Credit Card Payments From Home

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To make money from home from your own home-based online business, you should provide customers with the opportunity to make their purchase with a credit card, as well as provide the opportunity to pay for the purchase with a money order. By making more options for your customers, you will make more sales for your online business.

Learning how to make money online requires learning how to make more money online. Once you make the decision of which online business opportunity you want to pursue so you can make money from home, you need to learn how to give every website visitor the opportunity to purchase your business product or service. The first and easiest method of making an opportunity for more online sales is to expand the options for the customer’s method of online payment.

When you get started in your home online business, accepting money orders is the easiest option for you, but not the easiest option for your online website visitors. Most visitors to your online website will know how to use a money order to make an online purchase from your business, and money orders are certainly a payment option you should provide to make more money from your home online business. However, money orders give the online website visitor the opportunity to leave your website – which is akin to a customer leaving a store or business without making a purchase. Opportunity then exists for the customer to debate their intent to make a purchase from your online business. Additionally, the events in the individual’s home or work life are likely to lead them to forget how to return to your online business for information, and will likely interrupt their opportunity to finalize the sale from your online business.

The convenience of credit cards, their ability to satisfy instant gratification, and their ability to provide the convenience of shopping from home, have led credit cards to become the most popular method of making online purchases. 60% of purchases from online business were made with credit cards according to a Nielsen Global Online Survey. The online survey also reported that 85% of online users from around the world have made an online business purchase over the Internet. Books (traditional books and ebooks) were the most popular purchase, and accounted for over 41% of the online sales.

Security will always be an issue with credit cards, whether they are used online or at a local business. However, technology continues to develop making the security of online credit card transactions more secure. The newest trend, temporary one-time use credit cards (such as the new Paypal plugin provides), makes online credit card purchases easier – and available to those who don’t have a credit card.

To learn how to make money online by accepting credit cards, become familiar with the terminology used in e-commerce business. This will help you quickly learn how to make more money online from home. You will need a “merchant account” to make the opportunity for a credit card purchase available at your online business. The caveat to accepting credit cards is that it does cost money. However, the increased sales more than make up for the cost, and you can easily adjust your online sales price to include the cost of the credit card transaction. Reevaluate your costs and expenses and adjust your profit margins accordingly.

Learning how to make money online by accepting credit cards is one of the best investment opportunities you can make for your online business. Without credit cards, you would have to put in a substantial amount of time to learn how to promote your website and make money from home by merely accepting money orders. The easiest way to make money from home that can double the income from your online business is to accept credit cards. Take the time to research how to make money online. Start researching online business opportunities and merchant businesses available. You’ll be able to increase your sales and continue to learn how to make more money from home than you had originally imagined.

Hugh Walters is an Australian online business specialist, he passionate about online business opportunities and make money online strategies. Learn how to make money online with Hugh.

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