Internet Opportunity For Entrepreneurs: Investing In Your Online Education

A common misconception exists for many entrepreneurs: the misconception is that everything you need to grow your Internet opportunity for entrepreneurs is available for free online. This mentality may lead your Internet business away from success and toward the “F” word – failure.

Free Online Education

It’s true that there are a dizzying number of Web sites offering free information on starting, running and growing an Internet business. Free courses, free information and free forums can provide a wealth of information. Some of these sites do contain valuable information, but often the best information available to entrepreneurs comes with a cost.

The other problem with free information is that it may take you your whole life to find everything you need. When you buy an eBook, or register for a paid course or tele-seminar, you’re getting everything you need in one place. Also, purchasing items like this allows you research the source of the information to ensure it’s coming from an actual expert.

Other Paid Education Benefits

When you purchase courses, books or services, the author or presenter of the information has gathered and organized the information for you. Learning from the experiences of an expert can save you a lot of time, which in the end saves you money.

Finding Paid Education Sources

Once you convince yourself that buying such learning materials is an investment in your business, you will need to be discerning about where you purchase your items or who you purchase the items from.

Read the sales page from beginning to end. Some of the sales pages for these education sources can be long, but do it anyway. You may even be able to learn from the sales copy. Look for facts and information that should be on the sales page, if they aren’t, find another vendor.

Confirm testimonials by contacting the business owners and entrepreneurs that have provided testimonials regarding the product or service. The sales page may include a link to the business owner’s Web site or at least list the name of the business you can use to contact them.

Ask around in your online discussion groups and forums or send an email to your contacts. See if you can find others that have experience with the item you’re considering.

In the end, if you take away valuable information then it’s not money spent or wasted, rather, it is an investment in your business.

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