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Email marketing is an art and it involves various process and strategies to make the purpose successful. It involves email list building, newsletter tailoring and drafting effective campaigning. Studies have shown that email marketing is gaining popularity in most parts of the world, thanks to internet technology that paved away for the growth of email marketing services. Online or internet marketing service is an effective tool in advertising and promoting products and services.

The current market conditions demand the effective usage of marketing strategies and in that case email marketing is one of the reliable sources to attain the desired results. There is immense number of service providers who are offering email marketing services. However, there are few things one should check before subscribing to them.

The first step in launching a successful campaign starts with a website that demonstrates your services and products. Then, attracting visitors and retaining customers is part of promoting the services. Thus email marketing will be useful to launch effective newsletter campaign and other online campaigns.

However, there is a requirement for valid email addresses to contact the prospective consumers. If you have a solid in-house database with authentic email addresses then it is an indication of half way to success.

Other wise, you can subscribe to the third party service providers who cater to the needs of email appending and data appending services. They supply all the latest data of desired prospective customers. The same can be customized according to one's needs, for e.g. Industry type, geographic type and life style type. Again, it is categorized into two sub-categories that are B2B and B2C contacts. It refers to targeting the desired segment that could be business executives or consumer contacts.

Benefits of email appending services

1. Rent or own a list based on your requirements

2. The service helps in building accurate list

3. Target the right audience

4. Save postage and other expenses

5. Increase the chances of generating online leads

6. Reduce the number of email bounces

Once you have valid email addresses from in-house database or from third party vendors, next step involves broadcasting your message to the prospective customers. Drafting attractive email or newsletter campaign with solid content is an important criterion. There are hundreds of platforms that internet offers to publish your campaign.

Benefits of Email marketing services

Email marketing is the most convenient and cost effective mode of communication. It saves time and energy in communicating to the desired customers at one's ease. Especially addressing huge audience group will require bigger communication mode and email marketing service will definitely boon to succeed.

1. Use multi-channel communication mode to increase customer relationship

2. Drive your online customers to off line sales

3. Address huge audience size

4. Attract new visitors and retain existing customers

5. Increase leads and sales

Here is the list of top email communication mistakes that will help us to avoid loosing our customer relationship.

In-correct subject line

No signature file

Broadcasting in HTML format

Attachment of large files

Addressing the mail to the wrong person

Over usage of capitals and shouting fonts

Poor grammar usage

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