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With the holidays approaching, we also provide some suggestions for printing companies to help them through the use of computers and technology to make more money. These techniques have all the other printing companies who have been verified and can really help businesses win customers, improve efficiency and increase revenue.

Tip 1: through a search engine (Google) to find more customers. Enterprises can visit and enter your address, then use the "Search Around" feature to find the necessary Printing services Target customers. You can enter the "association" to see how many needs around the printing trade association, or Marketing Companies, training companies and other companies may purchase the print.

In addition, Google is also available in Google Maps (GoogleMaps) to provide a free list, so make it easier for customers to find you. Any enterprises can use the "local business center" to create a free list. When potential customers search for local information through the map when you see your company's address, hours of operation and photo shop and products. It is quick and easy, no cost and does not require you to build your own website. Log interested companies can register and keep checking and enterprise information browsing, to see how online customers judge you by.

Tip 2: buy a book by Julie? Schaefer (Julie Shaffer) and Joseph? Marin (JosephMarin) to write the "PDF Print Production Guide." If you want to learn how to print the environment as soon as possible to use PDF files, you must not miss this book. This allows you to learn through a variety of PDF plug-ins to solve the production problems encountered in the PDF, so as to reduce the burden of pre-press staff. Interested readers can sign and to buy.

Tip 3: Add Adobe printing service provider program. It not only allows Commercial Printing Enjoy the unexpected discount business, and to provide general users can not receive the training materials and technical support.

Tip 4: The software upgrade to AdobeCreativeSuite4 and Acrobat9. Some printers have not yet upgraded their software to the latest version version, but they should do so because Indian software can provide more.

Tip 5: Use the free training courses on, and everyone is asking where the training is best, in fact it in your browser. Just log on and search for your favorite software on it. For example, enter "InDesign", we can get over 2300 results. If your pre-press staff of a program you want to see how this works, then you can go to find relevant videos to YouTube.

Tip 6: hire a PDF expert. PDF is a very important file formats, so you have to find an expert in this field. In other words, you have to train existing staff or recruit experienced staff, if you want the customer's buying process easier and to achieve the automation of print production, but also rely on the experts to help. To find the right expert is easy, you just put the recruitment Advertisement Hung in and other free online services site, will receive a large number of candidates resume.

Tip 7: Use the hot folder. Some printing companies have already automated, but they do not make good use of these features. Many of the Digital Printing Machine supporting RIP hot folder has a function to automatically page and complete other tasks. The hot folder workflow need to use PDF. Your PDF experts can easily set up hot folders to simplify the tedious workflow, improve living conditions of the production rate.

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