Online Marketing – Tips to Increase Traffic

Time has changed. With more people going online, online marketing is a must. What are different ways to achieve this? I'll share some of them below:

Placing advertisements on Google

Adwords help your products reach target audience. Adwords effective advertising can boost sales and best of all, hits can be tracked. It's important to target right keywords. Take thelp from Google Support for account creation. Create an account and learn adwords free at Adwords Learning Centre. Remember, it's necessary to get good grasp of this marketing engine, else you might end up spending money in vain. Google definitely is one of the best search engines, but if you can spend more,then do so at Microsoft adcenter; which works on same concept as Google Adwords. Social networks such as Facebook has started similar concept.

Shopping engines ( Google Product Search, Kelkoo, Ciao, Idealo, pricerunner ):

Advertise your products on Google product search. Google offers a way to reach your customers free. So, if you wish traffic to your website, then create a feed of your products and advertise it on Google product search. Other shopping engines such as Kelkoo, Ciao, Idealo, Pricerunner would charge you on pay per click basis. You can advertise products free and would only pay if your product generate clicks. Remember you are paying for clicks here and how well clicks convert to sales, depend on lots of factors such as price, description , image quality , etc. Always create a feed that provides maximum information to user. The better the feed, more are the chances to convert a searcher to buyer.


This is another way to generate sales. I do a lot of shopping from ebay. You can always tell how good is a shop by looking at positive feedbacks awarded to the shop. I am a computer junkie and buy lot of things from Spotonuk. The customer service is brilliant, positive feedback is 100%, which is why I included them in my article. What I meant here is that customer service can act as a key tool to keep exisitng customers on their toes. Moreover, Ebay has started pay per click system that means you can generate sales by bidding your item on top of others. Ebay also allows e-mail marketing and you don't have to buy any system to do it, it's all included.

Recession doesn't mean you should drop your marketing plans. It means people are more careful in spending money. Online activities will not only increase sales, it will increase brand awareness and would bring back the lost business.

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