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Online marketing is one of the newest fields in which products are being given a global feel and look. It is quite a vast field and involves many sub aspects which need to be properly understood in order for a product to be marketed online properly.

The primary elements of online marketing that need to be understood are the business models that are currently prevalent. Primarily, a total of four models are being used by different businesses.

The first one is known as e-commerce and involves B2B transactions and B2C transactions. B2B or business to business transactions are ones that take place between business with the supplier being one business and the customer being another business. These transactions are online in nature and are taking place in large numbers due to lots of businesses now going online.

The second business model is that of publishing. The word publishing is quite a misleading term and, therefore, a comprehension of this model would be more effective with the mention of the activity of selling of advertisements.

The third business model encompasses the usage of lead based websites. The process is an online version of lead based marketing with the identification of sales lead being done with the medium of a website.

The fourth one is known as affiliate marketing where the seller and the manufacturer are two separate entities. The company that creates the product or the service generates profits as shared amounts from the profits that are generated by the companies that are selling its products.

Online marketing revolves around these four basic business models that are being used by a large number of companies who are completely into the business of online marketing or base this form of marketing as an additional one along with the core marketing process that is done off line.

Sales revenues are witnessing a new surge in their figures with the implementation of online marketing. This method has given many facilities like a global market with the logistics cost being minimal. The investment being done involves only the payments that are associated with the online process and, therefore, companies that can be termed as online marketing companies are reaping in the fruits of a reduced investment and a heightened profit figure.

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