Rasmussen College Breaks New Ground With Internet Marketing Degree Program

Rasmussen College is believed to be the only higher education institution in the world to devote a degree program to teaching students how to reach consumers through Internet marketing-based tactics.

ORLANDO, FLA. — The advent of the Internet is changing the face of advertising and marketing by opening up a new world of opportunities to reach consumers of myriad products and services.

To address these new demands, Rasmussen College recently introduced a bachelor’s degree in Internet Marketing . “After conducting extensive research, we found that Rasmussen is the first college in the world to introduce a degree program dedicated solely to the field of Internet marketing,” said Brandon Steele, Online Marketing Manager for Rasmussen College.

Two other schools offer similar programs, but neither matches the depth of Rasmussen’s Internet Marketing degree, Steele said. The University of Virginia offers a certificate program in eMarketing. The University of British Columbia offers a Diploma in Web Analytics, a subset of Internet Marketing .

“Our degree program is much more encompassing,” Steele said. “It teaches all of the different aspects of Internet Marketing.”

Rasmussen’s Internet Marketing program combines traditional marketing skill sets with cutting-edge “e-strategies” and Web skills. It covers topics including Internet consumer behavior, search engine marketing and Web media marketing, among others.

The program was created in response to the growing need for education in this field, Steele said.

When the first banner ads appeared on www.hotwired.com in October 1994, the Internet Marketing craze began. Until now, those interested in learning Internet marketing relied on website chat rooms, books and trial and error tactics. A great deal of contradictory information exists on this topic, and the fact that this is a skill set which continues to evolve made learning the ropes more difficult, Steele said. “This is the program I wish had been around when I first started out.”

In the United States, 68.5 percent of the population uses the Internet, according to the Internet World Stats Web site.

“Internet Marketing is becoming so important because so many people are on the Internet today,” Steele said. “At this moment there are more web-pages than people in the world.”

The growing number of web-pages and websites means that companies must make concerted efforts to market themselves online and avoid being lost in the vast sea of information. “The Internet Marketer is the difference between a website ranked high in a search engine and one lost in cyberspace,” Steele said.

Students who earn bachelor’s degrees in Internet Marketing will be equipped to help companies set themselves apart on the Internet.

They will learn to assist companies in designing sites that are navigable and user friendly.

“On the Web, content is king,” Steele added “and if people can’t easily find that content, they will leave the site.”

Besides optimizing a website, graduates of this program also will learn the best ways to bring people to a site, the latest strategies in social marketing and the importance of relevant content.

Preparing for an Internet Marketing Degree

There are some steps students can take to prepare for a degree in Internet Marketing, Steele said.

High school students should take computer courses and learn basics, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Basic web programming such as HTML or CSS is also good to know, Steele said. Good writing skills are a plus for writing Web copy and blogging, both of which are important Internet Marketing elements. Introductory business courses and marketing courses also are helpful.

One important item to remember is that Internet Marketing continues to evolve as technology improves and marketing professionals learn more about the Internet’s possibilities in reaching target audiences.

“This degree program will help you learn the fundamentals,” Steele said. “Graduates can branch out and specialize, but this will provide the solid foundation needed to succeed in Internet Marketing.”

The constant changes are one of the exciting aspects of this growing career field.

“You can never rest on your laurels,” Steele said. “In this field, you will be constantly learning. That is part of what makes this career so challenging and exciting.”

Learn More

If you would like more information on Rasmussen College’s Internet marketing program, visit their Web site: www.rasmussen.edu or call 888-572-6877 .

About Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College is a private institute of higher learning founded in St. Paul, Minn. on Sept. 1, 1900. The school serves students through its network of 12 campuses in the Midwest and Southeast and its virtual campus. It is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, to award associate’s and bachelor’s degrees and diplomas and certificates in a variety of program areas.

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