Self Motivation Ideas

Sure other people can try to motivate you as much as they like however if you do not motivate yourself then you will never get out of any bad situation that you are in or achieve any goal that you are trying to reach.

If you really think about it you need some kind of motivational drive for just about anything. Your boss or colleague might motivate you to finish a specific task that you have been stalled on, if you play sports you may be tired of running however the possibility of winning motivates you to keep on going. You will be absolutely surprised with how easy it can be to have self motivation if you just simply follow these tasks.

First things first do not worry or beat yourself up if you make any mistakes, mistakes are inevitable and we can only learn from them so that we may improve and do things differently in life. The next thing is to feel happy about your self and about life. Happiness and positive energy is what motivates you. It keeps you optimistic and also enthusiastic happy people are generally more motivated to accomplish or complete something as oppose to people who have negative thoughts on their minds.

The next thing to do is put yourself in good surroundings. If you are surrounded by people whom are risk takers, goal achievers, and have positive energy, then you are going to feed off their positive energy and feel like you should do something positive and be in a positive mood as well. Being around negative people tends to bring down your mood and that is not what you want.

Finally you must not pay attention to what people say if you do then you are always going to concentrate on that and let it bother you. The constant need to please will eventually bring you down. These are just a few of many self motivation ideas
that can help you with your motivation.

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  • I would say that the environment we grow in, is one of the most important influencing factors, it is what initially gives you room to grow or suppresses you (keep in mind that your brain itself is a part of that environment, so not only does everything around us have the power to influence us, but the mind it’s self as well)


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