Self-motivation ? Set the Foundation

Do You Struggle with Self-Motivation?  How to get motivated and stay motivated is a challenge everyone struggles with at one time or another.

The difference between consistently self-motivated people and those who frequently feel stuck is to understand that productive action and results depend on preparation — 99% of which is the mindset.  In other words, to experience motivational desire, one must first know why they want to take action (what is the motivating desired result), prepare to implement a plan that inspires action, and then to take action.

Self-Motivation naturally exists when there is a contrast between what is presently happening in one’s life and what one definitely wants to happen, and to be clearly determined to experience the desired end result.  Otherwise, without proper preparation to doggedly move forward, stalling out is bound to occur.

The problem is that most people don’t prepare a crystal clear vision of what they want to accomplish or how they are going to achieve it.  To truly go after a meaningful goal and be motivated, one must set a plan into place that includes practical sequential action steps partnered with a mindset that vigorously supports a positive outcome.

To help reduce or eliminate a nagging struggle to establish motivation and to keep motivated, it is important to understand the powerful impact of establishing the right mindset.  How one communicates within their thoughts is key to developing an inner support system for positive forward movement, especially during challenging moments.

At the heart of achieving the necessary mindset is to understand that the subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind.  Repetitive information fed to the subconscious mind that is supportive of one’s goal is of enormous benefit.  The result is either positive-in-positive-out or negative-in-negative-out.  It is wise to make a conscious choice to prepare the subconscious mind for successful action.

If one constantly degrades their actions or self-worth, that is exactly what the subconscious mind will believe — and it will strongly reinforce that belief.  Knowing the impact this part of the mind plays, the better choice is to carefully deliver constructive, positive thoughts.

Feed the subconscious mind exactly the thoughts and vision you want to experience — preferably, as if it is presently happening.  For example, “I am a successful entrepreneur” is better than “I want to be … “

Motivation and sustained self-motivation is based on the understanding of just how influential the proper mindset is to successful outcomes.

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