Sourcing Small Business VOIP Phone Systems in Tampa

A small business VOIP phone system is a must as one of the core equipment of any small business company in Tampa, or in any part of the country for that matter. This is needed for the company to maintain its competitive edge and therefore to continue its growth and expansion. It is, therefore, crucial for any small business company to be able to source out a reputable and reliable supplier and service provider in Tampa.

Among the expected services to be offered by a reputable supplier and service provider are maintenance of the client's current phone systems and provision of local and long distance phone service; IP/VoIP telecommunications solutions; digital phone systems with IP/VoIP capabilities; SIP trunking; Voice T1; ISDN PRI T1; new and used phone systems with voice mail and warranties; computer networking; internet access; recording of phone calls, emails, screen shots and instant messaging; recorded promotions played while on hold; loudspeaker paging and music for offices or plants; and voice and data cabling. It should also be able to offer the top brands in phone systems such as the NEC phone system, BCM phone system and Vertical phone system.

A VoIP phone system, meaning Voice over Internet Protocol, is basic for every business concern nowadays. The VoIP phone system, also known as the digital phone system, IP Telephony and IP Telephone System, sends out voice communications via the internet and other IP networks. This modern phone system changes the analog voice signal into digital format and transmits it online as internet protocol packets.

There are three kinds of SIP / VOIP phones used in the VoIP phone system.

The software based SIP / VOIP phone is also called the soft phone. It is actually a computer program or software and not a physical telephone. The program or software is installed in the computer upon which a call can already be made through the internet using the built in microphone and speakers or an attached headset.

The USB SIP / VOIP phone is made up of both the computer program of the soft phone and a physical telephone which also has to be plugged into the computer through a USB port. The physical telephone is then used to make the online call.

The hardware SIP / VOIP phone is a physical telephone that makes a call through the internet by sharing a network connection with a computer. The telephone and the computer will have to share the same mini hub.

For a small business VOIP phone system to be able to be operated fully, it requires a wide range of voice and data cabling products and installation services. The company's supplier and service provider should provide all the necessary expertise for all of these. It should also have a solid reputation in this field, based on experience and client satisfaction. Digital South Communications in Tampa, for example, has been satisfying more than 3,000 clients since 1991, reaching even clients in other parts of the United states through a network of affiliated dealers.

Digital South Communications, Inc.
503 E. Jackson St
Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: (813) 877-7733

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