The Enterprise Management Rule(III)

In last article, we have talk about the first four chapters of the enterprise management rule, today, let’s continue others.
Chapter V: advocating team spirit
Bill Gates said: "Teamwork is the guarantee of business success, don’t attach importance to team, business will not successful." Building a cohesive team now has been a basic condition for a modern enterprise survival and development.
50. Cooperation with Washington's Law: a team is not a simple sum of human
51. Barrel's Law: pay attention to the weakness link in the team
52. Harsh Krishna's Law: to determine the best number of management
53. Cohesion effect: the greater the cohesion, the more dynamic business
54. Lazy ant effect: lazy in debris can be diligent in brain
55. Ant effect: lose the extra workflow
56. Flywheel effect: success is inseparable from the unremitting efforts
57. MiG -25 effect: the overall capacity is greater than the sum of the individual capacity
Chapter VI: decision-making is the heart of the management
Management scientist Simon said: "Management is the decision-making." Decision-making is the core of enterprise management, it relates to the vicissitudes of business, life and death. It can be said that the scientific and rational decision-making is equal to half the battle.
58. Confucianism and Buddhism Fall Law: Effective prediction is the premise of wise decision-making
59. Jide Lin Law: Recognizing the problem is equivalent to half of its solution
60. Watch Law: Do not let employees not know what to do
61. Pierce Law: Perfecting the system of training successors
62. Herding Law: to upgrade their discretion, not blindly follow the trend
63. Water philosophy: only large quantities could produce cheap products
64. Panasonic dam operating rules: Save money to cope with contingencies
65. Buffett's Law: to invest in where there are few competitors
66. Giegler Theorem: setting high goals is equal to achieve a part of the target
67. Cabernet's Law: Sometimes, giving up has more meaningful than striving
68. Buli Dan Effect: Success begins with a bold decision-making
69. Hemphill's Law: no matter how good the decision-making cannot withstand a delay
70. Wolfson's Law: put the information and intelligence to the first place
71. Hamer's Law: There is no bad trading
72. The tunnel vision effect: not be a lack of foresight and insight
73. Frog rule: always maintain a sense of crisis
74. Crash theory: relying on "heroes" is inferior to rely on a mechanism
75. Occam's Razor's Law: Do not make things complicated artificially
76. Parkinson's Law: find problems from their own body

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