The Success Path of Internet Marketing Gurus

In any business including internet marketing, the rule of 80/20 is applied, which means twenty percent of top performing internet marketers are making 80% of money online. If you want to success in your internet marketing business, then, you need to be the top 20% in the group to share the 80% of online money making opportunities. And, if you are not born to be an internet marketing expert, then, following the success path of internet marketing gurus is the best option. What are the characteristics of those successful internet marketers that help them to make tons of money online?

Characteristic #1: They build toward their success

When an internet marketing gurus stated that they can earn a few thousands a days and if you follow their method, you will achieve the same result. Well, you must interpret the statement correctly. Yes, they are earning that money, but it is not happen overnight, they work hard & long hours initially to get their website and income to current level. You can't expect to start your internet marketing business today and will successfully earning thousands a day tomorrow or within a few days. You can copy the methods used by internet marketing gurus to help you achieve your goal in the shortest possible period of time because you can avoid most mistakes that can waste your time and efforts if you do it with your own method.

Characteristic #2: They develop and sell their own products

Those internet marketing gurus may get started with selling other people products but at the end they develop and sell their own products. Hence, you must have your own product in order to achieve the success. And, internet marketing gurus don't sell their products only by themselves, they let others to sell their products on affiliate networks and share a big percentage of revenue, normally 50% - 75% to their affiliates. Hence, in order to use the power of affiliate network to sell your products, you need to willingly share a sufficient profit to your affiliates so that they can cover their marketing cost while making a good profit out of it.

Characteristic #3: They build their prospect & customer list

Internet gurus don't sell or propose their products to their prospects or customers on one time basis; they want to keep the contact of their customers or prospects for future marketing and sales purpose. That's why their sales page's visitors normally will be given freebies such as free e-books, guides, newsletters or informative reports in exchange with their email and name. Psychologically, most people like to have free stuffs and willing to enter their email contact just to download their free copies. This is how internet marketers build a huge customer / prospect list which they can use to up sell their future products.

Characteristic #4: Their names are worth the value

The top 20% of internet marketers are well known in the internet marketing world. Their name itself is the assurance to the quality of their products or the products they are promoting. More people will believe that the marketing methods used by internet marketing gurus will work as compare to the same methods if propose by an unknown internet marketer. Hence, you must work your way to become a famous internet marketer. Writing review, testimonial & generate free reports and guides to help others in their internet marketing business enable you to get exposure and to be recognized as an expert. When, your name get to known in the internet marketing world, your products or the products you are promoting will be easily gets buy off.


Internet marketing gurus make their ways to achieve to the top 20% of the success of internet marketing and make 80% of the money online. You can follow their success path to achieve their level in the shortest possible period of time by avoiding the potential mistakes along your success path.

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