Top Email Marketing Blogs

Top Email Marketing Blogs

This article contains information on 3 of the top email marketing blogs. In no particular order, these blogs provide valuable commentary for critical challenges facing email marketers. Some content is suited for intermediate level marketers, while other posts will appeal to advanced email marketing practitioners.

1. by Forest Bronzan

Overview: The Email Marketing Strategies blog provides analysis of email campaigns & strategies implemented by name-brand companies; mostly retail brands. The blog also provides tips and insight for a broad range of email marketing strategy.

About the Author (from the blog): Forest Bronzan is an internet marketing strategist and entrepreneur located in Redlands CA. Forest has extensive experience leading marketing and business development for international startups, along with developing strategic frameworks and deployment strategies for a wide range of email marketing programs.

2. by Anna Billstrom

Overview: The Adventures in Email Marketing blog covers a broad range of topics on email marketing, with additional discussion of SEM and SMM strategy.

About the Author (from the blog): I started this blog to talk about the issues and concerns surrounding ethical and effective email marketing. I’ve been focusing on email marketing since 1999. I have a background in OLAP datamart design, software development, integrated systems development, customer datamart modeling, and application integration. While I have done Web 2.0 and internet marketing consulting for startups, usually my contracts are with corporations that have large datasets.

3. by Laura Atkins

Overview: The Word to the Wise blog has in depth discussion on a plethora of email marketing practices. Archived post topics range from authentication and deliverability to list management, feedback loops, and segmentation.

About the Author (from the blog): Laura Atkins is a founding partner of the anti-spam consultancy and software firm Word to the Wise. I have over seven years of experience in tracing Internet abuse and am a recognized leader in the anti-spam arena. At Word to the Wise, I advise clients on how to manage mailing risks, to respond to spam complaints, interact with ISPs, and navigate the ever changing and challenging world of email delivery. I also act as a neutral arbitrator during discussions with ISPs and blocklists.

David Willis is a marketing guru focused on research and online channels.

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