3 Small Business Internet Marketing Strategies that Work

Are you looking for small business Internet marketing strategies that work? As an Internet business, you have many options available to you. You can optimize your site for the search engines, buy pay-per-click advertising, distribute articles throughout the Internet, and so much more.

However, you have to figure out which small business Internet marketing strategies to use. Small businesses, in particular, have a limited budget and need to see results from their marketing. The strategy must both be cost effective and must not take a long time for it to work. Here are three specific strategies that are working for many small businesses

Strategy #1: Local Search Results Is Helping Businesses Get More Customers

Local search traffic is become an effective way to get targeted prospects. The return on investment that it is bringing to small businesses is making it one of the best ways to start promoting online.

The reason why getting local search traffic is so effective is because the searchers are looking for a solution. They are looking for a product or service provider in their area, so if a business can offer what the searcher is looking for, it can result in high conversions.

Compared to other forms of search engine traffic, the cost to implement this strategy is relatively low. It is also easier to rank for local results than compete with millions of websites for more popular global search keywords.

Strategy #2: Local Listings and Directories Increase Your Visibility

There are many sites now dedicated to helping users find local businesses. The best way to describe it is the "Yellow Pages" of the Internet. These sites are becoming the go-to directories for people looking for a product or service provider.

A good example of this site is Yelp.com and CitySearch.com. These are sites where users can find local businesses and also find reviews from other users. Some of these sites have a social networking aspect to it where they can share their favorites with other people, add friends, and more.

This means that getting listed on these sites does more than simply list you. It means that there is a potential to get more customers from referrals if your business becomes popular on the sites.

Strategy #3: Social Media Can Help You Connect With More Prospects and Customers

Social media sites are simply too big to ignore. It has become a big part of our culture whether you like it or not. Because these sites have a large user base, it's a wise decision to set up a page on popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
Because these sites have so many users, chances are that many of your customers are already using these sites. Knowing this, you can use these sites to keep in touch with your customers. It can be an effective way to announce promotions, deliver content, and sell your services.

Of course, there is a viral element to all social media sites. People love sharing their favorite resources with their friends and readers, which results in free advertising for your business.

Now you have it: three small business Internet marketing strategies that work. They are all cost effective and have a strong return on investment, so you should look into using them for your small business.

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