A Top Internet Opportunity Can Replace Your Full-Time Income And Why Internet Marketing Is So Popular Now As A Career

Are you an online Business Owner or want to be? Well, here are some statistics you may like to know:

- 10,000,000 new, static pages are being added each day.

- The number of internet users have gone from 16 million in 1995, to 1,802 million at the end of 2009.

- The latter equates to 26% of the world's population.

Another statistic: the number of people who searched in Google (global) for the term ‘home business' in April 2010 alone was 4,090,000. ((And whenever you're reading this, this will have grown hugely as time goes on). And this is just one home business related term...(In actual fact this number is likely to be under-represented as the Google tool displaying this data usually under-reports searches.)

With growing redundancies, business failures, bankruptcies, rising costs and taxes, many people are being forced to think outside the box and quite simply find new ways of making income. I recently heard this quote: ‘If your neighbour's unemployed it's a recession. If you're unemployed, it's a depression.'

Traditionally the ways in which to make money were these:

- A J.O.B.

- A bricks and mortar business

- Stocks and shares

- Real estate / property

- Sole trader self-employment.

But now we have a new contender and it is taking pride of place in income-generating sources. Moreover, the advantage of the internet as a business medium is the much lower overheads, compared with other more conventional businesses.

Another very attractive opportunity it provides, is the chance to see residual income landing in your bank account even whilst you sleep. This is smart business! Internet marketing allows you to write your pay check for the rest of your life.

You may have it said that ‘there is no recession on the web.' This is true, and it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. You can create multiple streams of residual income that are not at the mercy of the changing real estate or stock markets, nor your employer's financial difficulties. But you have to know how to market!

The old paradigm of ‘get good grades, get a job, stay there for 40 years, then get a comfortable retirement for a short time' is no longer working. We are moving in to self-sufficiency where we can no longer on the security that once people took for granted. Indeed Paul Zane Pilzer, Nobel Prize Winning Economist and Author and advisor to two US Presidents, has said:

"In today's world, working for yourself is actually the safer route, and working for a corporation has become the riskier propositions."

Now the internet does present a mind-blowing vast arena and it can seem daunting as to how to go about learning the skills and bringing in that income from all that is available out there.

Here are some tips:

- One recipe for success is if you follow a common set of rules without deviation

- You need a dream, a team, and theme/model

- You need to be teachable, and following proven rules will mean success is inevitable

"Home-based businesses are one of the fastest-growing segments in our economy, and that trend will only continue, as the age of the corporation, which began barely a century ago, now gives way to the age of the entrepreneur." - Paul Zane Pilzer, Author and Nobel Prize Winning Economist.

So if he internet is calling you, heed the call, and do your due diligence, it will move you forward towards the exact same things that most people want: freedom to work when they want, where they want and how they want.

Are you ready for the most exciting and heart-warming - not to mention LUCRATIVE - journey of your life? Click the link to find out about Amega Global, it's the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Reena Gagneja is an Internet Marketer and Spiritual Coach. She works with her team to help them achieve success. She is looking for those who have been waiting for that one opportunity that is about making a difference, not just a dollar. You have found the opportunity in Amega.

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