Auto Accessories Enterprise upgrading "troupes" gradually became the atmosphere

Lead: Auto Accessories Industry, as the rear part of the market can not be ignored, in recent years is the "Welcome to Wikipedia," the potential absorption of the various types of investment flooding into force. A big fat man eating into the market several times and clearly the development of the presentation to a "indigestion," the state. When the amount of consumer demand for automotive supplies and increasing demand of functional upgrades, a lot of workshop-type businesses are experiencing the harsh environment inside and outside the life and death, while squeezing the College Entrance Examination, of which, especially the most labor-intensive enterprises The tired, how collapsed? introduce scientific management methods, can be regarded as a breakthrough of the road, and the establishment of sound institutions and the introduction of the training mechanism, it is nowadays part of the small and medium enterprises keen automotive supplies the reform act.

Road automotive supplies company needs to upgrade the management of secondary science
Establish a sound business organization, boldly professionals, car supplies business management workshop "hardware" required to fully upgrade.

In the set up factories in the initial stage, due to small size, low production decision because the degree of difficulty of enterprise management is not high, coupled with concerns for staff costs, loyalty issues, and more is a small plant manager, Sell Manager, financial manager for several large heavy power grabbed one by several workers in the management structures. In the future, with the development of enterprises in various fields of expertise required and the difficulty of input energy, duration also increased and the early "one man dictatorship," the urgent need for new power management system to add, except to attract personnel of the family, and now many accumulation of funds to complete the original intent of the standardization of enterprise business decision makers, started in a number of important positions boldly professionals. This decentralization, on the one hand encouraged the enthusiasm of key staff, invisible within the company established a healthy competition environment, while the business leaders from a variety of "working fan service" freed, allowed to concentrate on inputs strategic plan to more core work. At the same time, due to the breakdown of the corporate sector will also allow the company running a large extent, all aspects of production is more controllable, and that which he alleged responsibility assessment of controlled and controllable production costs most useful.

Several well-known in the industry visited the course of business, without exception, we will find: sub-functions, corporate culture focused on rendering the production process of standardization of all layers of things to show the outside world as a kind of more modern, more cheerful state of business operations, such a change, for the late start, production equipment, production technology level is generally lower than other auto products industry enterprises, really easy! still in the depth of low-cost competition, homogenization threat of automotive supplies, economic value soaring, there lie many businesses subject to the industry, the pain of abuse can not move forward. In the face of such short-term can not change the external environment is uncertain terms, rather than passive treatment arms of fishing that is taking a speculative mentality, far better to use in the market accounted for the largest base of SMEs in the fight when hedge , quietly complete enterprise management of "hardware" the first comprehensive upgrade. When the low-end market, when profits growing in thin, has established a sound organization of small and medium enterprises have been out of the scope of the original narrow market, similar to its R & D department, sales department, product department, quality inspection department, the brand image of the Department of Human Resources Department, etc. sector go hand in hand, rapid growth in the market for enterprises to build a multi-dimensional shuffle competition protection and capital.

This, I am very encouraged to break through the past no one to turn, rely on OEM passive survival, but also as "heavy, delays" of the manufacturing operations are tired of the workshop-style state enterprises bold organizational reform. In particular, seeing the market expand, low-end market is "crowded" situation, the "escape" is no longer the "advocacy" argument seems to have become an inevitable trend!

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